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Long have I been a Howard the Duck hater, and long I have been attacked by his lovers for it. I finally decided that he deserved another chance,. His solo film from 1986, while loathed by an eight year old version of myself may yet find itself endearing to eighteen year old me, and so it became the first in this new series, Marmite Movies. What is a Marmite Movie?

Well, it's basically a film that anyone watching will have a strong opinion about, they'll love or hate it, for example Howard the Duck.

So, what is the Howard the Duck film about?

Oh please tell us!
Oh please tell us!

Howard is your average duck, living in Duck World, an alternate universe to our own. One evening he is sucked from his world into ours, and finds himself an object of curiosity among our people, and more often than not, sheer disbelief. He survives using his skills at Quack-Fu, and meets Beverly Switzler, who allows him to stay with her. After failing to integrate himself into our society, Howard attempts to get back to his world with help from Phil Blumburtt (Tim Robbins, The Shawshank Redemption) and Dr Walter Jenning (Jeffrey Jones). However, the attempt goes wrong, and Howard must flee the police with Beverly's help, while one of the evil overlords of the universe takes over Dr Jenning's body. It gets worse, but that would involve spoilers for the ending, so I thankfully don't have to continue.

Now for the deliberation. Frankly, I do think the film is quite faithful to it's source material for Howard the Duck, that is not the question, the question is:

Is it good or bad?


Well... it's bad. Just bad. Sometimes it is amusing, between the constant duck puns and the ridiculous nature of so many things within the film, but let's be honest with ourselves, it's just awful. I understand some films get a cult following just for being hilariously terrible, but this film barely deserves that. I am kind of open to seeing Howard appear in further cameos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe after seeing this film, but I cannot in good faith tell any of my readers, who I value highly, to watch this film. Seriously guys, it's just a mess. I'll allow one spoiler below to showcase how ridiculous this film gets, but I'll hide it for those not wishing to have it spoiled. Click if you wish, but don't blame me!

Howard and Phil have to return to a science lab, so instead of stealing a car, they build a plane out of materials found in a junk yard next to a partially completed plane. Howard then finds he can fly the plane, and the logic behind this is that since Howard's ancestors could fly, he can too (By piloting a plane)... just awful.

I remain thankful that there will never be a sequel... right


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Did you love or hate Howard the Duck?


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