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There's been talk of some sort of revival of the Blade property. There's even a new ongoing that will be joining us all very shortly. Seems to be taking Blade in a different direction than his previously rather linear M.O. I think this is a good thing. I want them to do the same for this hinted at screen adapt that may or may not feature Wesley Snipes. If there was lets say, a Netflix series not unlike SPIKE's one from a few years ago? I don't want him to play Blade again. He's too damn old. He would make a better Whistler at this point.

I also want other things aside from clans of gangster vampires in expensive suits. Like the way this forthcoming 'Blade the Hunter' ongoing is said to be going in. In the comics. Blade was born in London, England. So lets have a bit of that eh? Make Blade British. It would stop some comparisons to the movies by being quite different in its interpretation of the character and it would be putting to use some the character's not all that touched upon background lore. We also don't have an a UK superhero in the MCU yet. (Vision does not count. Well he does a bit but c'mon.)

This the real meat of what I want to see. I want it all to be set in the 70's. Hear me out. Joe Carnahan once pitched a 1970's set Daredevil movie via a sizzle reel (see below) to Fox shortly before the rights reverted back to Marvel. It was actually pretty great. The Netflix show is doubtlessly better but it still did shine with promise when I watched it earlier.

It was good idea to take a street leveler and stick them that era. It just worked. Pulled the whole thing together. In fact I could argue that ANY of the 'marvel knights/defenders' line would be better set in that era. I'll leave it out though. Blade once had this whole big story in a series called 'Mighty Avengers' where it would flashback to the 70's (the decade he was written in). He's sort of immortal. So he's one of those characters that you can do a good decades spanning story with. Man, Blade looked cool in those flashbacks. It's a great re-do of his look in his original appearances.

Even when you see panel grabs of his 1st appearances in in a 70's comic book called Tomb of Dracula or this really boss looking cover (below) off a Marvel UK magazine from decades ago. He looks so badass. Far more badass than his Matrix/biker with a sword thing he has had for the last 20 years or so. That looked great at the time but these days it's more than a little generic. Blade needs an aesthetic change. Some colour like above and below.

That above cover? That is the Blade I want to see live action. I think it would be sweet. Disco glasses and a funky-ass coat while stabbing vampires and decapitating demons in the 70's? Sign me up. It would be like if Jim Kelly's character from Enter the Dragon was an occult detective/monster hunter. And yes. That would be awesome.

I mean just imagine how fucking great he would have been as Blade. Throw in shades of Shaft into the narrative and you have one hell of a tv show. Anyway. You see what I am getting at here? Blade would make a great netflix show and work better set back in the 70's. It needs to happen.


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