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The rebooted Star Trek films have blown us away with their awesomeness. And while we still have at least 2 more films with Chris Pine and co. to look forward to, eventually it will come time to see the adventures of The Next Generation and possibly even take a trip to Deep Space 9. And this is my personal fan cast for those films.

Bryan Cranston as Captain Jean Luc Picard

Henry Cavill as 1st Officer William Riker

Olivia Wilde as Counselor Deanna Troy

Tom Hiddleston as Lt. Commander Data

Mpho Koaho as Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge

Chadwick Boseman as Lt. Worf

Chitwetel Ejiofer as Commander Benjamin Sisko

Elizabeth Olsen as Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax

Daniel Radcliffe as Dr. Julian Bashir

Jaimie Alexander as Major Kira Nerys

Peter Capaldi as Odo


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