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Brett Botbyl

...useated whenever it comes to the surface. Superman was NOT Superman during the action sequences of "Man of Steel". This was Kal El/Clark Kent trying the best he could to stop the destruction of the world he had come to accept as home. Period. Much of the destruction was caused by the failed attempt by the military to stop Zod's forces. Kal El was not trained in strategies, tactics, martial arts, street fighting, air combat et al. So what you had was - for all intents and purposes - a man fighting desperately to stop the complete genocide of the human population and the terraforming of planet Earth. We need to stop thinking of the character as the same Superman we've come to love in popular treatments. Was "Man of Steel" made for fans? No. I believe it was not. I believe the film was made to explore an alien character struggling with godlike powers and a human emotional frailty; confronted with the unthinkable horrors that many of us had to confront during the early part of the 21st century when the concept of mass destruction on US soil hit so very close to home. Though Kal El is superhuman in his physical abilities, he has the heart and soul of a human being. As humans we do what we need to in order protect the ones we love. Instinct often takes over when the brain can not logically react to a situation. What we saw on screen was a true creation myth at the developmental moment when a God comes into his power. "Man of Steel" is a dark beginning to a new interpretation of our hero, Superman.

As a long time theatre director and producer I believe that an artist has the right to interpret any story the way he/she feels. By extension, Warner Brothers and the whole MOS production team owe nothing beyond what was given. If someone does not like a production, that viewer has the option to NOT patronize the artists/company involved. In the end, if enough people agree and have a negative response, the box office will reflect the trend and the production company will react accordingly. But it is not the responsibility of a director to make a film solely for any one set of viewers. Zak Snyder has a mature, logical, balanced set of reasons behind his cinematic universe. And from what it looks like, "Batman v Superman" will tie directly into the "destruction" seen in "Man of Steel." We all need to step back and let the larger story be told. We do not pay for anything beyond our admission ticket. We are not investors and we are not employees of any of the companies involved. Therefore the backlash stems from the opinions of disgruntled fans. Disgruntled because some storyteller dares to tell a different, more human interpretation of a modern American legend. That is life. Let's get over it.


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