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Kervin Wyatt

I just watched The Fantastic Four, but now this is not a rant about that movie. The 90 minutes speak for itself to a point. It was another shot at giving us something they wanted the idea was good but that's for another day. Today I come with a simple question. What happened to the comic book fan? What happened to us? The reason i ask this is for the simple fact of the vile we spew at leaked set pictures on twitter or Instagram. We hate on new ideas from a world that is trying to do something new. We try to force spoilers about movies we are waiting to see. Yes I know the studio do that to build up hype, to get us excited about the product. But at our core we are fans, so I ask again what happened to us?

The stories from these books taught us some great things. Where did those ideas and lessons go? Did some writers see this coming and ran for the hill before it became a feeding ground for every person with a chip on their shoulder?Or have we forgotten everything comics have taught us? Or are the comic book fans being invaded by a dark corner of society that has nothing more to do then start internet wars?

When i was younger (and yes I am aging myself) There were stories we learned valuable lessons from. The X-men taught us to be acceptable to people who are different from us, and attacking someone for nothing more than how they look was not the path to walk. Yet be have comments that are not only beyond vile but something we all know would get you punched in the mouth in public. From the original run of Justice League with comments about John Stewart as the Green Lantern on the show to comments about the Ultimate Nick Fury. The giving a hero a misogynist name when it comes to the New Thor and the new Wally West. People scream for female heroes on the big screen but they expect them to be built like porn starletts. And when that does not happen they will attack anyone who is in the role. I am not just talking about on a forum, board or facebook but personally. What happened to the lessons of respect?

Maybe this is just a rant but its gotten to the point where real fans would rather ignore the issue and call someone out about it. I have never had that problem. You have a problem believing that anyone else can be a hero, but not an issue with the Multiverse where it changes from place to place world to world. But you will believe a man of 75 can fight super powered villains or believe that he does not age but only to fix a writer's story. I know this is a world we use to get away from what bugs us but the only people who are not being realistic is that. To sit and say its only a PC move by the the companies. Let me in a little secret the story well is drying out and that is not something that can really be avoided because of the fact things need to be shaken up to continue. The world has tried to separate things only to under figure out that it never works. So tell when why it should work in this world?

Remember the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one. There is a generation that are learning the same lessons we learned but they are not being taken seriously because there is no one in the stories that look like them, a single mention does not a hero make. They need a background they need a reason to do well. Companies are starting to figure this out as have the 98% of fans. Yet we have that 2% that are trying to take over fandom and we are allowing them when we say NOTHING. We turn a blind eye expecting to to go away and it will not. The try to make people stop talking about it by banning the subject, but that is a spit in the eye to people who think like most of us. All because of that 2% who act as if they have a stake in the gross of a movie's profit.

So here is the message to that 2% you are done. No we are not going to stop you from spouting your racist, misogynist and evil comments we are just not going to let it effect the 98. We are going to move on with loving the story of the hero no matter who is behind the mask. We will become excited for a movie and not let your shallow mind kill the vibe. We are going to roll with the punches when someone new comes into the story. Listen I know some people don't like change, I will admit I have a problem with it. I just know change is something you really cant stop and to quote a Hero's grandparent. If you don't like it, you can lump it


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