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Indie platformers have been very popular in the past few years with titles like Super Meat Boy, Give Up, and many more. Well now we can add Chariot to that list. Chariot is about a couple of royal servants trying to bring a chariot holding the late king's remains inside to a sepulcher worthy of the king but the king's ghost is constantly being picky about one so these servants have to keep going and going until they find the perfect one whilst collecting gems and gold along the way...oh and there's a skeleton who runs a shop filled with their gadgets.

Immediately I have to say that I love the tone of this game. It reminds me a lot of Rayman Legends which I find to be one of the greatest platformers. The comedy and cartoony characters always put a smile on my face and while the king's ghost can get annoying he is still very funny. Then comes the art style which again is similar to Rayman's Legends with its cartoony yet beautiful visuals which comes out in both gameplay and cutscenes. As you go through levels, plants or crystals will grow and change colors/shapes and it is beautifully animated with vivid colors. Overall, the game's presentation is just spot on.

However, a game may look nice but the most important part is gameplay and how does it play? Excellently. At first I was expecting your average platformer but I can definitely say that it isn't. You can't collect things with the one of two characters you can control, only the chariot can so you can only collect by pushing the chariot along or pulling it using a rope and this type of transportation can become quite challenging when you have to pull said chariot up levitating platforms and if you're not careful you could fall and be sent back quite far. Unlike most challenging platforms which rely on constant deaths to make it challenging, Chariot relies on precision and you having patience because like I said you can get sent back far when you fall and you have to scale your way back up through many challenging puzzles. It has been a long time since I have played a platformer that is this truly challenging instead of cheap and I like it. There are paths which only your characters can walk on making the chariot fall through or visa versa making you have to think your way through a lot of puzzling areas. If you go too far from your chariot for six seconds, you and the chariot respawn back at the latest checkpoint which is something the game is very generous about because without checkpoints, this game would be WAY too hard. Using different tools you find throughout the game, it can allow for some crazy challenges. Co-op is a little easier but still very hard. Overall the gameplay is excellent and got me to rage but in a good way.

Chariot is a great indie title that deserves more praise but is it worth the $14.99 price tag? Yeah I'd say so. If it was $20 then I'd say wait for it to be cheaper but I think $15 is just perfect. It's fun, addicting, and challenging. I give it a 7.5/10 or in my rating system a Low Gold.


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