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You know about those moments from those movies:

"Awwww, what a cute bunny. What's your name little bunny? Are you friends with Bambi, little fella? Do you have a nammmoooOOOHH MY GOD HE HAS A GUN!"

At one point or another, we've seen a horror movie that has a sweet little aminal (not a typo, that's what i used to call them...awwww) that gets bitten by a rabid democrat or possessed by a media whore from the land of Kardashia. Dogs, cats, birds, sheep, flies...even chickens aren't safe from exploitation in B-movies.

Horror movies have a way of staying in your brain for a long time. These animal-centric movies aren't memorable in the way that makes you stay up at night trembling, but in the way where you never quite look at that bunny in the woods the same again, or you keep one eye on the big dog sitting on the porch or the birds swarming in the trees as you're out on your jog.

Let's take a bite out of some of these flicks!


Big cuddly dog + rabid bat + Dee Wallace (nerdgasm!) = classic horror movie!

I mean, any movie, horror or not, however bad, can get Dee thrown into the equation and be made an instant classic. Rumor has it E.T. couldn't get picked up by any studio, Spielberg or not, until Dee signed on (totally not true, by the way).

Man's Best Friend

Pretty much the male version of Dee, Lance Henriksen is the male addition to above mentioned equation. He's been in more movies than a lot of famous actors put together.

Lance, and a dog psychic powers and disgruntled because of all the experiments done on him in a lab? Cinema gold!

The Birds

My mom went to see this in theaters when it came out, and to this day, I'm not sure if it was an advertising ploy by the theater, or an actual honest to gosh bird that wanted to peck her eyes out, but the moment she walked out of the movie, she got dive-bombed by a friggin bird! That's all I'm gonna say about this Alfred Hitchcock masterpiece. Hey! Speaking of cocks....

Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead

nice eggs!
nice eggs!

Haven't seen it, and probably won't either...but zombie killer chickens! Nuff said! Like I said, no animal is safe...


Father of Church?
Father of Church?

Cute kitties!

"They have nine lives. We only have one."


Black sheep

Chris Farley would have made this way better!
Chris Farley would have made this way better!


Pet sematary

Almost forgot this one!

So much could be said about this movie, but chances are, you know exactly what I'm gonna say. The whole Indian burial ground thing just...yeah. I was scared to death to bury any dead pets ANYwhere after this movie. Church was already creepy, then he went and got possessed!

Cat People


First in 1942, and then in 1982, people turning into cats has been done twice and never revisited. Government conspiracy? Or really bad movie idea?

The Fly

Jeff doing his best Sixth Sense impersonation
Jeff doing his best Sixth Sense impersonation

Soooo, yeah. Flies. They're not really animals, but they're not hoomans, so they work for this list. When you you think of flies, you see dirty little pests that poop or puke every time they land (ON YOUR HAMBURGER!), not murderous mutants. Jeff Goldblum made this movie rock!

Night of the Lepus

This gets two pics, because, well, just look at them!

Got a ranch? Got rabbit problems? Don't call an exterminator, call a wacko that will experiment on them and turn them into hooman killing mutants!

Honorable Mention!

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Yet another killer rabbit, but it's also Monty Python, so he automatically gets a mention, because it's Monty Python. Why? I just said why!

In closing, there are movies about sharks, pirhanas, snakes big and small, dinosaurs sharknados, mosquitos, ants and the like, but I tried to narrow this down to all the cute and cuddlies, not the animals/pests that were already gross. Except The Fly, but only because I had to mention Jeff Goldblum in here somewhere, and the dinosaurs weren't getting included!


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