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Julian Jr Alvarado

This is something that has been bothering me for a while actually because I am a huge fan of Deadpool and Ryan Reynolds, I have been since Van Wilder and since he played DP, well he also played Hal Jordan and the movie wasn't so great.

Here is the reason it wasn't so great. Ryan Reynolds wasn't playing the correct GL role he was suited and perfectly taylored to fit the role of Kyle Rayner the most influential and accomplished lantern to ever wear the ring, for a time Ryan was even the only green lantern, he even gained all the power of the GL Corps multiple times its almost like ultimate power is attracted to this guy like honey and the amazing thing is hes funny and witty about it just like Ryan maybe less narcissistic but hey thats called acting and editing.

I just had to get this off my chest as soon as possible it bugs me that Ryan didnt do this, so if you read this just share it till it gets to him that he needs a REDO and a good one too and he can have it all after the Deadpool movie cause DP fans are very loyal.


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