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I don't know more about the Civil War comics or about the link between Spider-man and Iron Man... this is just my doubt and I want explanation.

Now let's look into my research ;-)

The past few days the main topic of the town is "Whose side is Spiderman?".

It has been slightly rumored that Spiderman is going to fight alongside with Iron Man against Captain America as The Iron Spider..... ohhhh is it ???

So I just looked up into the profile of Iron Spider and found this:

Lead Designer - Tony Stark
Lead Designer - Tony Stark

The designer of the Spider Armor is Tony Stark....

Now lets compare Iron Man and Spider-man with Batman and Robin.

I don't know well about the facts below so you guys excuse me and correct me :-)

Both Iron Man and Batman are multi billionaires who uses their wealth as technologies and creates their own Super Suit and fights against crime..

And Robin and the Spiderman we're gonna see in Civil War....both are young bloods.

Dick Grayson (First Robin) is poor as he worked in a circus with his family and later their parents were killed.

Peter Parker (Spiderman) is also poor and don't have parents.

As I've already stated , Tony Stark designed the suit of Iron Spider to Peter Parker like Batman does with the Robin suit to Dick Grayson.....

This seriously rhymes ..Isn't it

Does these things mean that Marvel is going to make Perter Parker as the Robin of Iron Man by giving him Iron Spider suit .....


What do u think about this guys


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