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So many shows on TV aimed at kids just look like they are spun from an acid trip crossed with a nightmare. Plus, with all the innuendos woven throughout so many of these shows, it seems the producers found themselves thinking of anyone but children when creating the programs.

Join me now on a journey through some of the most disturbing kids shows of all time and see if you make it to the end without feeling completely creeped out.

7. Teletubbies

Where do I even start with this one? If these four creatures were not creepy enough already, well they had some kinda sun baby hovering over their world shrieking maniacal laughter across the land. Then they had those TVs built into their stomachs, seems normal, right? And seriously, what is with those symbols on their heads? They spent their entire time not making any sense with anything that they said.

And on top of this these freaky four performed bizarre and uncoordinated dance routines while laughing hysterically to themselves. When they were not rolling around, The Teletubbies were eating everything, tubby toast, tubby custard (they probably would have eaten the bunnies if they could've!). These four just seem like giant stoners to me. Just look at their eyes.

Run for your lives...

6. LazyTown

This one is more bizarre than disturbing, honestly, what possessed the writers to come up with this show? I can't decide what the worst part of the show is between the weird techno music, the creepy puppets and the villain who looks like a puppet. Oh and Stephanie seems to be Spartacus' BFF, which just seems plain creepy given the ages which they are meant to portray!

5. Jigsaw

You may not have heard of this show from the 1980s, but it is seriously strange so I had to include it. Jigsaw was relatively normal and based around jigsaw puzzle solving. That was, until they unleashed Mr. Noseybonk. A terrifying and demonic looking puppet who likes to do gardening

Watching him water the seeds... I think I am going to have nightmares about this masked man, just look at his face!

I am 99.9% sure he is harvesting sex toys, don't believe me? Well, see for yourself.

Those are some very questionable looking plants Mr. Noseybonk!

And if you dare to see Noseybonk in action then watch the video below:

4. Courage the Cowardly Dog, Naughty Fred

This cartoon was already one of the most eerily surreal shows to ever grace television. I always wonder how this was allowed on kids' TV between the evil-cat, man eating spiders and those terrifying apparitions of ancient Egyptians. And, then to add the icing to the already towering creepy cake, Naughty Fred was introduced to the show.

"Hello my friend! My name is Fred, the words you hear are inside my head. And I've been naughty"

The way that the narrater says 'naughty' is like nails scraping across a black board, it makes my skin crawl.

3. The Ren and Stimpy Show

This show is super controversial, it featured a host of sexual innuendos and graphic violence that definitely puts it on the same page of South Park rather than a show like The Rugrats aimed at kids. It featured a mentally unstable Chihuahua and a bizarre idiotic cat which already sound like a nightmare.

But, imagine being a wide eyed innocent kid and having your eyes greeted with this horrifying scene. I can barely even watch this...

2. Nobody, Sesame Street

You are probably more than familiar with the kindhearted and wholesomely lovable characters of Sesame Street. Lovely Big Bird, curious Elmo and those BFF's Bert and Ernie. Let's not forget Oscar the Grouch who was a delight for young kids.

But remember the character Nobody? A bodiless phantom who taught kids how to count.

I don't know what is more creepy, his voice, or the fact he's just a horrifying floating head!

1. The Boohbahs

If you didn't grow up in England, then chances are that you will have been lucky enough to have escaped these trippy as hell creations. Whatever drugs the producers were doing while creating other kids' TV shows, it seems like nothing compared with this.

It definitely looks like the producers are trying their hardest to show kids how an acid trip may look. Seriously, what are these blobby things meant to be?

And just like the Teletubbies, these freaky things love to dance:

If you have a show which freaked you out growing up, share it in the comments below!


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