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With the debut of Fear the Walking Dead almost upon us, creator of the series (and of the original Walking Dead) Robert Kirkman has spoken to Entertainment Weekly about why this new series is so exciting.

First of all, because Fear the Walking Dead is a companion series to The Walking Dead it doesn't have the source material to draw from that the original show has. This means that Fear is able to have a 100% new storylines for it's characters, something which Kirkman says is "exhilarating." He added that working with producer Dave Erickson has been a "wonderful experience," saying that the pair have "never really had the opportunity to craft a vision together the way we have with Fear The Walking Dead." He also added that the whole experience of creating an entirely new cast has simple been "a great deal of fun"

Robert Kirkman with some zombie buds
Robert Kirkman with some zombie buds

Of course, being a companion series to one f the biggest shows on television, Fear the Walking Dead is going to draw comparisons to it's big brother show. But what does Kirkman think is the biggest difference between the two (aside the obvious answer of setting, of course)? Well, Kirkman believes it's the absence of a comic, saying:

I think not having source material, where you kind of know there are stories with Michonne that just have to be told — and sometimes we break that mold, but too often, we can’t because it would change the overall story we’re talking — we don’t have any of that here. We can, and do, go in any direction we imagine and that’s made for, I think, a companion show that can stand shoulder to shoulder with the original.

But while the show might have more room for new stories, Kirkman also recognizes that the audience of Fear will know far more these characters. However far from making this dull the viewing experience, Kirkman believes it will "create a tension and a sense of dread" that he believes will be "unique" to the show and make it "very exciting."

Cliff Curtis and Kim Dickens in Fear
Cliff Curtis and Kim Dickens in Fear

Kirkman also addressed the concerns that having two zombie shows set in the same universe might lead to over-saturation of the genre, dismissing any worries by calling Fear a "great appetizer" to Season 6 of The Walking Dead. The first season of Fear will have just 6 episodes (just like the first season of The Walking Dead), though Kirkman hopes it will "add to the overall tapestry of The Walking Dead" rather than detract from it.

Only time will tell how much color Fear will add to that tapestry, but with the premiere episode only days away we won't have to wait much longer to find out.

Fear the Walking Dead premieres on August 23rd, while Season 6 of The Walking Dead will start on October 11th.

Source: Entertainment Weekly


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