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Now, one of the most difficult choices to make when deciding on a cosplay outfit - assuming a pretty high level of costume-making ability - is whether you want it to look as much like it came from the comic-book, movie or obscure Bulgarian TV series it was inspired by as possible, or strike out on your own with a brand new interpretation.

Both, after all, can prove remarkable - with the latter producing a whole lot of gorgeous steam-punk Iron Men and zombie Archies, which are always fun - but even so, there's still something pretty special about a cosplayer managing to perfectly replicate an iconic costume exactly as we saw it on the page or screen.

Like, for instance...

This Super Comic-Book-Like Spider-Gwen Cosplay

As created and modeled by the super-talented HendoArt, this is actually all a little like watching Gwen Stacy come to life, whether that's in the form of...

Rocking Out On Some Stairs

Kicking Back By a Wall

Hanging Out On a Rooftop

Or even...

Hitting Some Unusual Poses in Peculiar Places

No matter what, though - that's some straight up Gwen Stacy-style cosplay awesomeness right there. Comic-book Gwen would be proud...

Nicely played HendoArt... Nicely played...

What do you reckon, though?

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