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Varia Fedko-Blake

Yep, we've all seen the iconic Harry Potter glasses, the lightning star and the Deathly Hallows emblem as tattoos inked into devoted fans' bodies. Yet, amongst all of the focus on Harry, we might have not noticed that our favorite witch, Hermione Granger, was also getting her fair share of loving.

The following tattoos will take you back to Hogwarts, and remind you how wonderful this little muggle-born wizard really is!

1. Don't mess with this kick-ass witch

2. Her wand will definitely 'stupify' you

3. "It's Leviosa, Not LevioSAR!"

4. Hermione's no-nonsense glance!

5. Charms

6. "I'm not an owl!"

7. She speaks the truth...

8. Hermione the Potions master

9. S. P. E. W



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