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D23 has been and gone, and in its wake are thousands of fans left devastated and/or super excited by the [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) trailer. With the sides chosen we've got epic friendships in tatters, while Cap discovers that rehabilitating Bucky might not be as easy as he'd hoped...

Unfortunately, Marvel are being a bit tight fisted and have yet to release the trailer officially but in case you weren't lucky enough to get to the Expo, here's a breakdown of what you missed in the Captain America 3 trailer and why we're VERY EXCITED and also VERY CONCERNED!

Civil War Trailer Highlights

Too impatient to wait for the trailer's official release? We are too! Here's the highlights but of course, there are spoilers ahead so read on at your own risk.

  • The hunt is on for Crossbones, aka Brock Rumlow, team leader turned major pain in the ass in [Captain America: The Winter Soldier](tag:254973). Rumlow's gone full villain (with a fancy suit and everything), but hot on his trail are Cap and Falcon, backed up by Black Widow and Scarlet Witch.

  • General Ross (Red Hulk!) has a lot to say about heroes being accountable in Batman v Superman SORRY I mean Civil War. Could this appearance by Ross lead to him becoming the Red Hulk? It might detract from the main plot of Civil War, but his re-introduction into the MCU means he'll have plenty of opportunity to make trouble later.

  • The cracks are beginning to show for Iron Man - he quips about wanting to punch Steve as they bicker, again (are we really supposed to care that their friendship is ending when they had no friendship to begin with? But I digress...)

  • Black Widow vs Hawkeye! The two bffs come to blows, but do pause to check that they're still friends. This is humorous yet touching, which makes us pretty excited for the emotional side of the Civil War conflict.

  • Adorable trash baby Scott Lang can be found sleeping in a van. He also gets all star struck when he meets Cap - "I'm shaking your hand too long." Always nice to meet a fan, I guess!

  • Bucky remembers things!!! Specifically, the name of Steve's mother. (Forget Cap, I'm not going to make it through this film alive.)

  • And speaking of which... there is a funeral scene!

There's a lot to think about here. All in all, it seems as though the Russos have big things planned for Captain America 3, and they're not holding back! So what does this mean for the movie, and the future of the Avengers?

Loyalty and Betrayal

We also got some tantalising tidbits about character development from the stars at D23, which contains just as many clues about the plot as the trailer does. Civil War is at its heart, a story about that one time the friendship group had a massive falling out, complete with shocking revelations and fist fights, before they all came back together, teary eyed and a bit worse for wear. (Then they all went out for schwarma again? Wishful thinking?)

Chris Evans revealed that we'll be seeing a more selfish side to Cap as he defends Bucky.

"It’s not for the greater good, it’s not for anyone else, it’s just for him and he’s put himself last so often, so many times — when you have a character that just remembers him and he has a flash of personal agenda, it’s rewarding. I like it. I like those moments where Cap gets to have a little nugget just for himself."

Bucky will definitely be the divisive issue in Civil War, along with the topic of government control of course. And this all somehow leads up to that funeral scene...

Let's face facts: in the Civil War comic, Steve dies. But whether this will happen in the movies is another matter. Chris Evans has two more films on his contract after all. So fans were relatively sure that he wouldn't die in Captain America 3.... Until that funeral scene popped up in the trailer and got us all worried again. It could be that this is just a red herring, or a character death that wouldn't mean too much in the greater scheme of things. But considering Bucky's role in the MCU is "about to get a lot bigger"... Could Cap be a goner long before Avengers 3?

Ready to continue the legacy.
Ready to continue the legacy.

We'll just have to wait until Civil War is released to find out. Keep your eyes peeled for that trailer though: maybe there's something we missed that will provide a vital clue!


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