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What's not to love about Toothless? As I watched How To Train Your Dragon I fell under the spell of this lovable Dragon. There have been lots of cosplayers putting their own spin on this adorable character. Kei aka Gladzy Kei Art & Cosplay is a cosplayer who really stood out for me. This cosplayer's done an incredible job of thinking outside of the box.

It all began with this cute concept art

This was the foundation for the Alpha Toothless cosplay. Kei then immersed herself in making the costume.

I looove How To Train your Dragon 2 so much that I really really wanted to cosplay someone from the film, however I didn't find a character that would suit me so I decided to think out of the box and actually cosplay a creature instead!!

Check out how awesome Kei's costume looks

The details are so cute

Toothless at home in nature
Inspired by Jessica Nigri Fan Page's take on her human pokemon cosplays, I decided to do the same for Toothless! The hype for this became real too when I became friends with Liui Aquino who cosplayed Hiccup and Alodia Gosiengfiao as Astrid, and they supported me with my Toothless build and it really kept me motivated and inspired!:)

William Tans Photography took Kei's talent to a whole new level of badass

Check out her Dragon friends!

The epicness does not end there

Here's another one of my human Alpha Toothless cosplay, designed and built by yours truly! The lights on top of my helmet, pauldrons and breastplate also aren't photoshopped, they actually light up and i'm so proud of myself hahaha.. achievement unlocked wohoo! I wouldn't have done it without Kamui Cosplay's Book of Lights, check out her books I learned everything I know about armour builds from her! In addition to that

This cosplay is such a sweet tribute to Toothless. To see more of this stunning cosplayers work creations click here: Gladzy Kei


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