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After an influx of supernatural superstition in the 18th century into Western Europe from areas where folk and monster legends were frequent, such as the Balkans and Eastern Europe, the term "vampire" was first conceived. Since then, vampires have held an eerie fascination and been a staple within popular culture.

From the charismatic Dracula, to the teenage pinup of Edward Cullen, vampires have invaded our screens from television to cinema. One of the most beloved of all vampires is the action hero Blade. Born from the brains behind Marvel comics, 1998 saw Wesley Snipes take to the big screen in a cinematic adaptation of the comic. The film was a hit, and featured numerous memorable moments, but it looks like one of its most iconic scenes is about to be get creepily recreated...

Vampires, freaks and all those in between are being invited to attend the world’s first ever “blood rave” in a bid to simulate the opening scene from the 1998 action-thriller, Blade. Approximately 5,000 liters of blood - equal to over 1,300 gallons - is expected to pour down on ravers through sprinkler systems in an event which the anonymous organizers have billed as "pushing the borders."

“After a long search we have developed a special sprinkler system with pipes running across the ceiling and thus making us able to spray blood over the crowd. We’ve already tested it a number of times a substance resembling blood.”

“It is pushing the borders, but we want to see how far we can go.”

Held in Amsterdam, the Facebook event has described the Blood Rave as "a night-life community for likeminded individuals" posing the question to would-be attendees if they are "Thirsty?"

Of course, the music will be the pulsating sounds of house, techno and beats fitting perfectly into the original theme of the iconic opening. To refresh your memory, and get an idea of what this event may look like, here's that blood filled opening below:

It's worth mentioning that the organizers are still trying to figure out whether in reality it will be actually possibile to use the real thing, but dousing the crowd in a downpour of real human blood is at the top of their agenda.

There have been whisperings of a Blade sequel or reboot for years now, with Marvel seeking to capitalize on all aspects of their cinematic world. With the increase of vampire presence within popular culture, maybe it's time to bring the biggest badass of them all back again?

Held this Halloween (of course), let's just hope no actual vampires turn up... Or there may be more blood than initially expected.


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