ByRichard Machado, writer at
Richard Machado

From what I have recently read of spottings of actors whose characters were killed in previous seasons as well as quotes from Scott Gimple its clear to me there will be a considerable amount of flashbacks of earlier times, even perhaps before the madness even began. Now I have read all the comics of TWD so I think I have a good idea of what's going to go down this season, including the fall of the walls of Alexandria which sticks most of the residents of the community in their houses, unable to get outside for the VAST AMOUNTS of walkers that will completely occupy the town. We could end up seeing the death of Abraham as well as cast newcomer Jessie and her sons. If they keep to the comics to a certain level this season 6 promises to be quite bloody with a high body count of the residents. This is going to get ugly people.


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