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Oh the lovely magic of movies. Actors, producers, directors, studios, graphic effect specialists and the list goes on and on and on. The movie business and the art of film making have been entertaining billions of people for decades with projects being released every month around the globe. Movies have left a significant mark in history and some movies and franchises will forever remain immortal, even creating the legacies of certain figures.

However, movies do not always simply surprise us with a shocking plot twist or revelation, over the years there have been countless numbers of brilliance through hidden messages, clues and details that audiences don't instantly recognize or acknowledge.

Here is my list of some of the most memorable moments:

1. I am Legend - Batman v Superman Easter Egg

In a scene set in Times Square in I Am Legend, Will Smith’s character, Robert Neville, passes by a large billboard promoting a Batman and Superman movie. The poster has a release of 05.15.10 long before Zach Snyder got involved, which means if the movie was to go ahead then Superman would have been portrayed by Brandon Routh and Batman by Christian Bale.

This easter egg was placed in the movie due to the fact that the producer and writer of I am Legend, Akiva Goldsman, actually wrote an early draft of a Batman and Superman movie.

2. Sunshine - Hidden Faces

While on a mission to the Sun, the crew of Icarus 2 receive a signal from the lost Icarus 1 crew and they decide to set upon finding them. When the group finally boards Icarus 1, flashlight beams move across the camera lens at certain points. During the moments which the beam directly hits the audience's eyes the director placed subliminal pictures of the faces of the lost Icarus 1 crew before discovering what exactly happened to them. The special effect of this scene is combined with the fact that one of the crew of Icarus 2 discovers the original photo of a Hawaiian themed party the original crew had aboard Icarus 1 later on. The concept of the subliminal images is to lower the viewer's guard, and also increase the impact of the subsequent scenes.

3. Fight Club - Flashes

Tyler Durden played by Brad Pitt flashes before the audience's eyes in a subliminal images before his official introduction. For any people who noticed that, then this was the first sign of Edward Norton battling insomnia and the fact that Durden is a character created by his fantasy.

Another brilliantly planted clue was during the phone booth scene, in the small writing above the phone there is a bold black line which reads "No Incoming Calls Allowed" and the very next second our lead character receives a call, just another example of his fantasy world interfering with reality.

4. Cloverfield - After Credit Detail

During the final moments of the film, two of the remaining characters, Rob and Beth, seek refuge beneath a small bridge in Central Park. Seconds later, a massive air strike hits Manhattan, burying the characters and the camera beneath rubble in a presumably deadly attack against the alien creature.

But following the film credits, the director attached a 5 second recording in which when reversed and played it says "It's still alive." So we can conclude that the alien creature is still alive and could lay the foundation for a future Cloverfield 2.

5. Back To The Future - Twin Pines Mall

At the end of the first installment, we see that the real life Marty Mcfly who travels back to 1955 is not the same as the one who comes back. The actions of his past have caused his entire family's future to change for the better, although we don't have to wait till the end to realize that. When Marty rushes to Twin Pines Mall to save Doc, it is revealed that the name has changed to Lone Pine Mall. The name change is a result of Marty running over one of the famous Pines with the time machine during his visit back to 1955, so this is clear evidence that Marty altered the timeline.

Another cool detail in the Back To The Future franchise is the rock music that Marty used to "wake" his dad up so that he can earn the girl a.k.a. Marty's mom, so that Marty can be saved from being erased from existence. Marty used music from Van Halen, although the band would not give permission for the use of their music lead guitarist Eddie Van Halen did, hence Marty's cassette tape is Labelled as Edward Van Halen. The guitarist also admitted years later that he recorded that specific piece himself.

6. 21 Jump Street - Flavor

During the movie, our comedy duo test the drug while in school and Channing Tatum's character Jenko makes a reference to the flavor of the drug as "BBQ Cool Ranch." Then, moments later while under the influence of the drug, the duo run into coach Walter holding a bag of Doritos cool ranch. This was a direct clue linking the coach to the drug ring.

7. Shutter Island - Glass

One of the most shocking twists was in Shutter Island is where it turns out Marshal Teddy Daniels, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, is actually a patient at the mental institution playing out an elaborated fantasy. The audience should have realized that Teddy's experiences were less than reliable during the scene in which a female patient requests a drink during the interview, the glass from which she drink is non existent and only appears when it is placed back on the table. Therefore, those who noticed it during the screening also realized that Teddy decides what and what not to see.

8. The Dark Knight Rises - The League's Marks

Near the end of the movie the revelation comes that Bruce Wayne's corporate ally and lover, Miranda Tate, is actually Talia Al Ghul daughter of Batman Begins villain Ra's Al Ghul. However, for the more observing audience member, this should have come to no surprise as Bruce notices a triangular scar on her back which is not explained, but it is very similar as the marks on Bane's head. The marks look very similar to the League's mark which was shown in Batman Begins.

9. Kill Bill VOL.1

Director Quentin Tarantino managed to keep the identity of Uma Thurman's character in both Vol.1 and Vol.2 hidden, as she is always referred to by Bill as Kiddo, and credited as The Bride. At the end of Vol.2, we see Uma Thurman as Beatrix Kiddo, but cunning audience members could have spotted it since Kiddo's plane ticket to Japan in the first movie showed her name in full.

10. Inception

Inception was packed with so much stuff that it is only logical that audiences couldn't pick up on everything. Throughout the movie there is a particular song which the characters use to wake up, with the song becoming louder and deeper as they go down through layers of dreams. However, the same thing applies to the audience signaling them that they too should wake up as the film near its end. As for the ending of the movie, it kept people debating about what actually happened; one clue that might hold the true answer is found on Cobb's wedding ring. Specifically when Cobb is in a dream with his wife around we can see a wedding ring on his finger, whenever he is awake that ring disappears.

With only this detail during the last scene we can see that Cobb is not wearing his ring, therefore we can conclude that he is in real life.

11. Fast Five

Han was introduced as a new character during Tokyo Drift and went on to become a main character in later films. During Fast Five, a scene showed Han's full name which was "Han Seoul-Oh" or Han Solo which is a clear link to the Star Wars character Han Solo.

12. Jurassic Park - Jaws Reference

Both are Steven Spielberg's masterpieces, with clever parallel references through the cast. During Jurassic Park 1, the park's programmer, Dennis, is introduced, he is apparently enjoying a scene from Jaws in which the big bad shark makes its official appearance.


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