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Hitman, a.k.a Agent 47, has been a fairly popular character throughout the years of his videogame franchise. He's been through massive presidential assassinations, Mexican gang assaults, Chinatown massacres, kingdom wars and even protecting a little girl with his life. All for a good cause, of course. But is he really the superhero we all need?

Let's start off with his latest movie, Hitman: Agent 47 which is sitting at a less-than-comfortable 6% on Rotten Tomatoes. Honestly, it isn't that bad. There are some elements in it that are so clever that you won't see anything close to it in other movies. Such as this moment ( my favorite moment )

"The Interview" scene from Hitman: Agent 47

*Hitman sits at one end of the table and a person named Sanders on the other end with a rifle sitting on a tripod on the table pointing at Hitman*

Sanders: Let's start with your name.

Hitman: 47

Sanders: That isn't a name

Hitman: No, but it is mine

Sanders: So what are you?

Hitman: An assassin

*few moments of threatening later*

Sanders: Last time I checked, you're locked in here with me and I have the gun.

Hitman: No, Mr. Sanders. You are locked in here with me and you just gave me mine.

*Hitman bangs table*

*table jumps up, gun fires*

*breaks window and chain*

*Hitman escapes*

See what I mean?

How threatening is he. I mean, come on.
How threatening is he. I mean, come on.

That is what you call genius. Some may call it "too much" or "ridiculous" but to me it's moments like that which made the movie so fun. People were too obsessed over the storyline and plot holes to notice these works of art.

Now there are more things that make him so threatening. Let's run through them, quickly, and what gives him an advantage over other spies/assassins.

He's genetically-modified...

An unprofessional pic I found.
An unprofessional pic I found.

Comparing with: Matt Damon in Bourne series.

The fact that Matt Damon can hide in plain sight will not stop Agent 47 from getting to him, as he's genetically modified by birth to be faster, stronger and more intelligent than normal human beings. As portrayed in the movie, no matter where the target hides, 47 is prepared.

He has no emotions, and stays blank.

No emotion at ALL.
No emotion at ALL.

Comparing with: Assassins Creed assassins and Mission Impossible agents.

What makes AC characters so special is that they're living, have mercy and have a life. 47, on the other hand, is a blank killing machine. Love and mercy were removed from his genes. He may not know it, but while he's doing good, he's even more intimidating. The fact that a man doesn't say some remark before he kills you would scare anyone. The fact that Tom Cruise or any MI agents have mercy and hesitate before lots of things ( such as Jeremy Renner's vents-fan scene from Ghost Protocol ) proves that Hitman would get there before they even had a plan.

He is funded by an agency filled with Agents like him.

Pure class.
Pure class.

Comparing with: James Bond 007 and his team.

The fact that Bond is funded by a large organization helps him definitely, and so do his spy gadgets, but not only does Hitman's organization have all that, but they also have a team of over 90 agents just like Hitman. The fact that 17's forty seven times better than an average person makes this army very dangerous. And best of all, 47 only uses his pistols in combat, even though he has access to a wide range of weapons. And when he loses the, as seen in his 2015 movie, he can survive just fine without them


But what do I know? You tell me your ideas and opinions.


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