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The analysts are talking about how Netflix, Inc. (NFLX) has huge chance to go forward on the stock following T-Mobile's new offer in which it offers its users free usage of the video streaming website for a year.

According to the most recent news, it was seen that T-Mobile has introduced a new package for its users through which they will be offered to use Netflix for a year and that too without any subscription charges. The media company has already been receiving quite a lot of positive attention by the users in the industry due to the new shows and series that is has recently started showing.

This content on the site has helped the company to receive more attention that before which is also helping it increase its users by a huge difference. Furthermore, the telecommunication company has announced that all the users who will be registering on the site for the new and upcoming phones, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Note 5, will automatically receive a package in which they will be allowed to use free streaming service of Netflix.

Analysts from equity company UBS are of the opinion that the Netflix video streaming company will be going way up on the stock scale once this is gradually rolled out. They also believe that this way, watching videos on the website will make it easier for the users and will also work as a very important factor to actually make improvements in the structure. The wireless carrier’s step towards bringing more users to Netflix also makes the analysts believe that this will make the other carriers realize how they can also give their company a boost by offering such new features to them.

Analysts of the firm are also of the opinion that once the wireless carrier starts receiving more users to its network following the free Netflix service, it is possible that other carriers in the industry also put in an effort to make the video streaming service a way to increase users on their networks as well.

Another analysts belonging to the UBS believes that for the near term, Netflix stock looks quite positive to him which is why all the analysts of the equity firm hold a bullish stance towards the company. One more factor which could be working in the firm’s favor is that since the website is looking towards expansion of business to other countries of the world as well, it is therefore being agreed by all analysts that the firm is going on the right track and headed towards the correct direction even for a longer term.

Analysts are also talking about how Netflix management will be increasing their efforts from subscriptions to even more new fields which will turn out quite positively for the giant.


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