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Internet fan theories can range from the impressively convincing to the completely ridiculous, and it sometimes seems like people just have a little bit too much time on their hands. But this theory about Jared Leto's Joker in the upcoming Suicide Squad has left comic book fans scratching their heads.

Thanks to the keen eye of Reddit user DeathByRequest, there is evidence to suggest that the tattooed supervillain in David Ayer's highly anticpated blockbuster has a secret identity. He reckons the Joker is actually Batman's former ally Robin, real name Jason Todd.

Todd was the second Robin to link up with the Caped Crusader, and the theory lines up clues from the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer and Suicide Squad promotional material.

In the trailer, there's a shot of Robin's suit with what looks like two puncture wounds on each shoulder. There's no indication as to what caused them, but in an official Suicide Squad poster, the Joker appears to have the same marks.

This could obviously just be coincidental, but if true, it wouldn't be the first time a Robin turned into the Joker. In the DC Animated Universe's Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, another former Robin was brainwashed by the Joker into taking up the Clown Prince's mantle after he died.

This guy explains it a lot better...

Whatever the truth is, it's cool to think that the two films could be linked so closely. They both hit cinemas in 2016.


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