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After years of fans begging for a Deadpool movie (including fanboy Ryan Reynolds), Fox are finally making our dreams come true. The merc with a mouth will be smashing into cinemas in early 2016, and if rumours are to be believed there's plenty more Wade Wilson outings yet to come!

The buzz is all about a Deadpool/X-Force crossover movie, featuring time traveling cyborg Cable, otherwise known as Deadpool's ex-bff divorcee. (Seriously, when they fell out in the comics, Wade refers to it as "our divorce".) The X-Force film has been talked about for many years, and there's been at least one completed script bounced around. So how likely is it that we'll see Deadpool and Cable clash onscreen any time soon?

Ryan Reynolds, Ultimate Fanboy

Deadpool's biggest fan
Deadpool's biggest fan

It's no secret that Ryan Reynolds has had a huge hand in Deadpool since the beginning. And he's pretty candid about how much of Marvel nerd he really is, frequently talking about what lesser known comics plots and characters he'd like the movies to explore. Recently, it's been all about X-Force, but he doesn't want Deadpool to lead the team...

"I always see Deadpool running against the grain for everything he does. He can’t possibly conform to any sort of leadership role. He always has to be the wild card. So you’d have to have someone like Cable running point on a team like X-Force. I’d love for that to be a next step that we take."

For Fox this idea is old news. An X-Force movie has been seriously considered ever since X-Men: First Class revitalised the X-Men franchiseX-Men Seriesback in 2011. And Cable was originally suggested to come onto the scene in the Deadpool movie, but this idea was shut down by Wade Wilson creator Rob Leifeld.

"No, Deadpool deserves his own function and Cable should come in in his own movie. Cable is awesome. And when he appears on screen, we’re all going to nerdgasm, because he’s coming. They can’t hold him back."

Of course this raises so many questions. How would Cable work as a time traveler in this post- [X-Men: Days Of Future Past](tag:203942) continuity? What about his father Scott Summers re-entering the scene as an 80s teen? The possibilities are really exciting, but we might have to wait a while until we see how it all plays out.

Ok, What's The Sitch?

The last time X-Force was a hot topic at Fox was around 2013/14. Kick-Ass 2 writer Jeff Wadlow completed a script which was apparently pretty awesome, and Fox were seriously considering how to make this film happen. But then...

It turns out that this script, which featured Wolverine, Cable, and Deadpool working together, also relied heavily on the character of Apocalypse. Best known now of course for his upcoming appearance in, well, [X-Men: Apocalypse](tag:1194267). This left the budding X-Force movie in limbo, and there hasn't been much news since. X-Men franchise producer Lauren Schuler Donner has been pushing for the X-Force film for years, but even she has her doubts, considering the current crowding of superhero media.

“I think we have to figure out how many films a year can handle without getting into X-Men fatigue. Take into consideration there are also Marvel movies coming out. At a certain point people want to see other movies besides comic book movies so you have to be really careful what you’re going to pick."

But fear not! Remember how Deadpool was also in production limbo until Ryan Reynolds asked for it to be made?

Ryan Reynold's biggest fan
Ryan Reynold's biggest fan

According to Rob Liefeld, Reynolds' influence was no small thing.

"Because he was a giant star, they said, ‘Ryan, what do you want to do?’ And he said, ‘Deadpool.’ That’s why it happened."

It certainly seems to be a case of what Ryan wants, Ryan gets. And what he wants now is X-Force... Well, you get the picture. It seems the likelihood of an X-Force movie relies partly on how well Deadpool will do next year (incredibly well, if they hype's to be believed), and partly on how much Ryan Reynolds talks about it. The major problem is a clash with X-Men.

X-Men vs X-Force

It's true that people are only going to want to see so many X-movies, and having two X- franchises running concurrently may interrupt the sales of both. So either Bryan Singer will have to sacrifice his next X-Men trilogy (there's an unnamed X-Men film spot in 2018 that X-Force could take), or we might be reduced to a Cable vs Deadpool crossover movie (which wouldn't make much sense without establishing Cable in another film).

Likelihood: possible, but not definite.

Bffs 4ever
Bffs 4ever

Until Deadpool is released, everything's still very much up in the air, but we know there are plenty of people over at Fox who are enthusiastic about an X-Force project featuring Cable and Deadpool. And can you imagine Deadpool confined to a PG-13 film? It'd be hilarious! There's only one swear word allowed... How much are you willing to bet that he'll wait for the perfect moment to use it, only for Wolverine or Cable to take the opportunity, completely oblivious to its meta implications. Eg:

Deadpool: darn it!
Wolverine: clean out your potty mouth, Wade? You're usually more colorful than that.
Deadpool: are you kidding? This is a PG-13 flick! I gotta pick my moments.
Cable: what the f*ck are you talking about.
Deadpool: !!!!!!

Ok, my nerd is showing, but clearly a team up has hilarious possibilities. Fingers crossed that Fox think so too!

But what do you think: should Deadpool and Cable team up for a buddy film, or do we need a big X-Force movie? Let us know in the comments, or write your own post!


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