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This year, we finally got a sequel worthy of the masterpiece of a film created by Steven Spielberg. Jurassic Park hit theatres worldwide in June 2015, and has now gone up to #3 on the highest grossing movies of all time, overtaking The Avengers.

However, this feat would have been impossible if not for the Master of Directors, Steven Spielberg himself, and the amazing movie titled Jurassic Park which was brought to the world in 1993. The movie sent chills to the hearts of thousands of people, specially the big bad Tyrannosaurus Rex.

The film was followed by two highly disappointing sequels, which failed to generate the magic the first movie did, and the franchise seemingly started to lose popularity. BUT, we had no idea about this completely awesome thing that almost happened:

Jurassic Park was almost made into a TV Show

Or, more specifically, an animated TV show. According to renowned artist William Stout's personal website/blog, he was asked by Steven Spielberg to create some concept art and promotional posters for the live-action Jurassic Park.

After a few years, there were talks of making a Jurassic Park themed animated TV series, which was "not going to be a kiddy show".

This was not going to be a kiddy show (although kids of all ages, including myself, could enjoy it). They wanted the show to be a mature prime time series with top writers and state-of-the-art television animation augmented with quite a bit of CG animation. Universal Cartoon Studios wanted a ‘graphic novel look’ to the series.

This would have made a great TV series, with loads of action and adventure and violence... and blood! But unfortunately, it didn't come into being.. here's why:

We made a trailer to communicate the look and feel of the series, also showing how we would combine computer animation with traditional animation. All we needed was Spielberg’s approval. I heard through the grapevine that he never bothered to watch what we had done. By that time, the word was out that he was burnt out on Jurassic Park merchandising and all of the film’s commercial exploration. So, it never got made. Too bad.

I can't believe we were so close of such an awesome thing! If only Steven Spielberg would have seen the trailer and changed his mind.... oh well, I suppose you can't have everything in life, can you? For more details, you can visit William Stout's website here.

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