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I genuinely think that Catherine is one of the most under-appreciated games of the last few years. Atlus did an incredible job of weaving together an intriguing narrative, with great characters and genuinely revolutionary puzzles. The gameplay of Catherine was unlike anything I'd experienced before - or since - and I pine so much for Catherine 2. But this game also has so much to teach Persona 5 and perhaps its very design will give us an insight into what it'll be like to play it!

Catherine was apparently Atlus' test game for the new engine they had created for Persona 5 and from what we've seen of gameplay trailers, it makes a lot of sense. Even though this was later scrapped, Persona 5 shares a lot of visual similarities with Catherine. The art style is extremely close to that of Persona and I cannot wait to bathe in the glory of Atlus' animations once more. But Persona 5 could actually be taking a lot more than visuals from Catherine.

What Persona 5 Needs to Take From Catherine for its Release Date!


For starters, I really hope that Persona 5's gameplay can be anywhere near as enjoyable as it was to play Catherine. But there are some direct elements that I'd love to see Atlus transfer over. Persona 3 introduced the incredible Social Links system, which introduced an incredible connection between combat and your social interactions. Persona 5 will obviously continue the tradition, but there's one part of Catherine that it should combine it with: the morality system.

If you've played Catherine (which you are all obligated to do) you'll know that every time you were presented with a choice, it would affect your morality meter. The meter appears in the top right and swings between red and blue. Your choices then affect cutscenes, the narrative, and ultimately the ending. If this system was implemented into Persona 5, we could impact upon the outcome of the game, therefore allowing for multiple varying playthroughs! Do you agree? Have you always wanted to impact upon the narrative of the Persona games?

Persona 5
Persona 5

I sincerely hope that Persona 5 demonstrates the same level of quality that Catherine did in terms of cutscenes. The animation is simply sublime and the scenes are so well cut together. I seriously can't wait for Persona 5's cutscenes, they always felt like a reward for hard work in the Persona series. The voice acting was also fantastic, though we've never really hard to worry about that for Atlus' titles. But another element of Catherine that was surprisingly enjoyable was texting.

In the Persona series, there has always been very simplistic messages that we could send to acquaintances and crushes. However, Catherine had a far more dynamic system where we received various options for each line of a message. And to tie this feature back in with what we've mentioned before, it actually impacted on the morality meter. Therefore, our texts impacted on the game's outcome and having an impact on the world has to be a priority for Persona 5.

Persona 5
Persona 5

What Do You Want From Persona 5?

Atlus have made some truly fantastic games over the years and another release from this company is always something to look forward to. So be sure to let us know what you'd love to see in Persona 5 in the comments below and whether you think Catherine should inspire it for its release date.


Which is your favourite Persona game?


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