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Nothing better than a movie or television show that completely takes me out of reality.
Matthew Culp

I was told a story by a coworker today that inspired me. He said there was a family of armadillo outside by his pool. While I don't support his methods of taking care of the issue (or non issue in my opinion), he decided to get a gun and shoot at the creatures.

I asked if he had killed them all. He stated no, I got the mother and two of her children. One of the babies had gotten away.

This story while still tragic immediately got me thinking of Batman. (Sadly this is how my brain works) A family tragically murdered in front of a child.

Anyways we had laid the ground works of a revenge story. Baby grows up to seek vengeance for what has happened. He succeeds in his mission yada yada yada.

I digress.

*Here is the point of this rambling article*

I was wondering if I could write a graphic novel sort of based on the story.

The hero in question is not an armadillo but a man who calls himself Armadillo-Batman.

He dresses exactly like The Dark Knight with one small change. He has a quarter sized patch of an armadillo on the back of his costume hidden under his cape.

The only time we show said patch is in the first panel as his cape blows in the night wind.

I don't mention the patch or show it ever again.

Can I legally get away with writing and selling this story without refering to it as a parody?

Armadillo-Batman is one word. The plot is different, the characters are all different but highly resemble the DC characters with one small change to each of them.

Yes, I realize how dumb this post is.

You're welcome!!


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