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Baldwin Collins

I enjoyed this movie very much, being a Ant-man comic book fan from decades ago, i wanted to see more origin story of the Legendary Hank Pym as Ant-man. Which due to the success of this film, Fans like myself might see a Stand alone origin film in the Future. i hope Michael Douglas returns as Hank Pym.

plot, However this movie Starts with Scientist Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) Storming into a office in a Flash-Back scene to (1989) Handing in his Resignation from S.h.e.l.d. After realizing they're plan to Duplicate his Shrinking suit Technology. Hank Pym knows within Himself this Technology Falling into the Wrong Hands the results could be Dangerous.

Another S.H.E.L.D. Associate Darren Cross played by (Corey Stoll ) Has undermined Pym's inventions by Designing a Similar shrinking suite like Pym's, which Cross calls 'the yellow Jacket' Darren cross is the man Behind Hank Pym's resigning.

However Hank realizes years later, he needs somebody to Succeed him as the next 'Ant-man' so he goes about Tracking an ordinary man whose been in prison, Why a Thief ? You may ask, a perfect candidate in Pym's mind, Scott Lang played by Paul Rudd is just Being freed from Prison and is determine to turn his life Around, his Old cell Mate 'Luis' is on the out side Waiting to pick-up our future Hero. Shacking-up with other former convicts Scott is eventually convinced by them to go Back to the World of crime.

Cut a long story short , all of this is Part of Hank Pym's plan to get Scott Lang working for him, which he does by staging a plan for Scott to break into his house and crack open a safe , on successfully Doing this, only to find a suite and Helmet resembling motorcycle gear , Scott again finds Himself caught by the Police and back in Jail. Which is part of Hank's plan to Blackmail Scott lang into working for him.

The action in this film is fun, i'am Looking forward in seeing a sequel ,if you haven't seen it yet sorry for the spoilers in this Article, THIS ANT-MAN FILM IS A MUST SEE.


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