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We Are Your Friends was supposed to come out this weekend and I slated my calendar with gleeful anticipation. However scheduling conflicts made the studios move the release date to next week. Damn... now I only have one movie to review (that I really actually wanted to review). It was one of my most highly anticipated movies American Ultra! WARNING for spoilers.

American Ultra is basically about a stoner named Mike Howell (Jesse Eisenberg) who has these insane anxiety attacks whenever he attempts to leave his small West Virginia community. He works at a small town grocery store, drives a small town junker, and has a girlfriend who seems a little out of place (mainly because of her insanely understanding nature and ability to put up with Howell no matter what his problem is) but who on paper is a saint. However, when Howell attempts to leave the contiguous United States to propose to his girlfriend (Phoebe played by Kristen Stewart) the CIA determines that Howell is a risk factor and must be eliminated quickly.

Cut to the offices of the Central Intelligence Agency where Agent Lasseter (played by receives a cryptic phone call that one of her projects will need to be eliminated. Lasseter then runs to Director Yates (Topher Grace) and strikes up a gigantic argument to which Yates then rebukes with a very funny insult that I won't repeat on this blog, then leaves her all "upset" and what not (rolls eyes). Yates has the take down planned for that very night. Lasseter thinks the whole situation is border line murder (who am I kidding. She completely thinks it's murder) and the next time you see her it's inside Howell's grocery store. She then activated Howell although she's unaware that it works because he's completely unaware of what's happening, and ultimately settles on her just being crazy. She leaves the store with milk and soup in tow (completely sad faced).

Completely dejected Lassetter realizes things may not be as simple as an extraction. There's way too much CIA for a deactivated agent who is too high most of the time to understand his everyday events let alone know that he's a top secret government experiment. So she calls the office to see what's happening. They give her little in the way of help however.

The shit hits the fan (as they say). When Yates' troops attempt to booby trap Howell's car. He sees them and walks outside to ask the men to stop "doing shit" to the car. They however realize it might be easier just to kill him in the streets so they attack him. He kills them easily then freaks out like a girl going through "changes" and quickly calls Phoebe. From there you can basically guess the events that follow and although I'm not going to go into extreme detail on the middle or ending of the film. I would like to state that I really was hoping they killed off Lassetter (I know it's horrible, right?)

Ultimately it was a very cute and interesting take on action/comedy and I enjoyed it a little more than I enjoyed Rogue Nation. The pace of the film is solid, and although I wished they would have given us more back story on Howell himself (like origins, or why he was a three strike juvenile, ect) I don't have a problem with the mystery of him either (because it can be explained later like with Jason Bourne). I'll either be reviewing Agent 47 OR Sinister 2 (I don't think I'll have time to watch both) over the weekend, along with Summerslam and NXT: Takeover Brooklyn. Did I enjoy American Ultra? Yes. would I watch It again? Yes.

  • 7/10


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