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Heather Snowden

This is Claudia Alende. She's 20, she's Brazilian and she's got 1.2 million followers on Instagram. Oh yeah, and she's the spitting image of Megan Fox.

Ms Alende first caught the attention of the internet when she competed in Brazil's Miss Bum Bum competition in 2014. The pageant is an annual event in the country which aims to unearth the nation's best bum. The winning derrière is awarded around $14,000 and is catapulted into fame. Naturally.

Claudia didn't win Miss Bum Bum, although she does have a rather good one, some other chick did. However, her ass isn't the reason she's gone viral on Twitter, hugely increased her Instagram following, and gained 200,000 Facebook devotees. It's because she looks ruddy loads like Transformers actress Megan Fox.

Claudia claims that everything about her is au natural, which is debatably unlike Ms Fox, who according to the trusty rumor mill has had some work done to her face. Lucky Claudia, eh.


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