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Each and every week, we welcome exciting new Creators to our ever-expanding community. Each and every week, they dazzle us with their creativity, imagination and humour from day one! Our top 10 new creators this week discussed everything from to, and gave us some seriously awesome posts along the way.

As always, said Top 10 Creators don't just win our love and admiration- they also win some awesome thank you gifts! Let's get to it, shall we?

Now Peter Parker is an Avenger... What to Expect from Marvel's Spider-Man by Antonio Ferme

Now that Spider-Man is back in Marvels’ safe hands, fans can breath a bit easier in hopes that their beloved Peter Parker will be given a fresh, proper portrayal in his highly anticipated MCU debut. New Creator Antonio Ferme has high expectations from the legendary studio, as well as some great suggestions on how Marvel can make the new Spider-Man movie all that it should be. What do you think of his arguments? And what do YOU hope to see from Spidey in the MCU?

Kill Bill, Ghostbusters... 5 Film Franchises That'd Make Great LEGO Games by Tommy Watanabe

Have you ever thought to yourself "there just isn’t enough Lego in the world yet? Which franchise could they break into and brickify next?" Well, new creator Tommy Watanabe gives us five of his favourite movie franchises and explains why he thinks they would make the perfect plastic play-pals!

Fancasting the Bat Family for the DCEU by Pedro Fernandes

I'm sure we have all watched a movie before thinking "I have a far more suitable cast in mind". That, ladies and gentlemen, is the beauty of fan casting. YOU get to decide which actor and actress should take on the role of Batman, Red Hood and Catwoman. In his ultimate fan cast of the DC cinematic universe, new Creator Pedro Fernandes leaves his thoughts on who should play one of our most loved comic families. Check out his article and don't forget to leave him a comment!

Would You Survive American Horror Story's Briarcliff? by Derin Su Seferoğlu

Love American Horror Story but always asking the eternal question of "How quickly would I die?" Well, this quiz will take you through the halls of Briarcliff and assess if you'd make it out of that terrifying asylum - and what will be left of you.

5 Reasons Why Slow West Is a Must See by Jada Brevett

Jada Brevett shares 5 reasons why we simply cannot miss Michael Fassbender and Kodi Smit-McPhee's western adventure, Slow West. This might also be of interest to X-Men fans, as the leading duo will next be seen together in X-Men Apocalypse.

Bart Simpson Wants To Be Batman | Stop Motion Animation by Edu Wan

“ALWAYS be yourself. Unless you can be Batman, then be Batman.” We all know how the saying goes and I think we’d all agree that there is great truth in these words! Seriously, who doesn’t want to be Batman? Well, in this delightful LEGO stop motion video created by Edu Wan, our good friend Bart Simpson has real aspirations of becoming the Dark Knight.. But at what cost Bart? AT WHAT COST!?

Illustrations: Baymax by .wanderer.

Thanks to the World Wide Web fan art isn't too difficult to find, but finding those hidden gems can still be difficult at times. Luckily more and more incredible artists are using Moviepilot as a platform to share their art, and new Creator Javi Lonatik is one of them. His awesome Baymax illustration will make you want to watch Big Hero 6 again, and again, and again. Be sure to check out his work!

5 Actors Who'd Be Perfect as Dick Grayson by Jean-milo Croes

With the possibility of Dick Grayson appearing in the DCCU, Creator Jean-milo Croes explores which actors could potentially do the Robin/Red Hood arc justice on the big screen.

Awesome Artwork by Daniel Shaffer

From dreamy mythology to epic video game sagas, fan artist Daniel Shaffer has drawn inspiration from a myriad of eery and ethereal images in pop culture. Head over and check out the intricate detailing of his work!

Episode 7 Changes Everything: the New Ushio And Tora Anime Series is About To Get Epic by Er Mixon

Been binging on Ushio and Tora lately? Haven’t heard of it at all? If you’re in either of these camps then brand spanking new Creator Er Mexon breaks down why we should be getting excited about this incredible Anime series and why episode seven is particularly mind blowing!

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