ByRe'al Dunbar, writer at

Warner Bros. may have just found there director for the Man of Steel sequel. Rumors suggest that director George Miller is set to direct the new Man of Steel sequel coming out in the near future. The rumor comes from Jon Schnepp, a director who just made a documentary titled 'The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened? Schnepp appeared on podcast called Popcorn Talk, where he confirmed that Miller set to helm Man Of Steel 2 was a done deal. The rumor makes sense really as George Miller and WB have really good ties and more than likely Zack Snyder will be too busy working on the Justice League to direct a Man of Steel followup. Plus Miller was directing a Justice League movie back in 2007 before it got cancelled. Here the video down below and where he talks about it around the 55:24 mark.

So what do you guys think? Do you think the rumor is true or a load of crap, make sure to comment down below. And if you enjoyed my article share it and follow my page for more content.


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