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Robin hasn't had an easy time of it in the movies world. Despite being Batman's shadow in many of the Caped Crusader's early outings, Robin was last officially seen in 1997's Batman & Robin, a film which was panned by fans and critics alike. After that, Batman moved on to a new, very lucrative trilogy, leaving Robin confined to the comics world.

That might be about to change with [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870)! Long before the trailer teased one Robin's death, the internet was all abuzz with the idea of Jena Malone taking up a female Robin role (the name tossed around most often is Carrie Kelly). But is this really the Robin we'll see in Batman vs Superman? Or could Dick Grayson take centre stage?

The Truth Behind The Rumour

First of all, let's break down the rumours. Jena Malone was spotted on the Detroit Batman v Superman set in October 2014, and later posted a picture of her newly dyed red hair to Instagram with the caption "desperate times call for desperate measures". Everyone immediately started talking about the possibility of her playing a female Robin, and in the hubbub DC also threatened to sue an extra for $5 million for leaking female Robin news (according to the Guardian).

Jena Malone: superhero!
Jena Malone: superhero!

Just one of these incidents wouldn't be cause for much excitement, but all together they seem to tell a story.

Jena Malone has kept quiet on the issue, leading many to believe she's obeying a non-disclosure agreement. The rumour is so talked about that I honestly thought her appearance in Batman v Superman had been confirmed, until IMDB told me it was still just "(rumored)".

Of course, it might not be Carrie Kelly that Jena Malone is playing. There are two other Batfamily redheads: Barbara Gordon as Batgirl, and Katherine Kane as Batwoman. So what's the case for both?

  • Batgirl: she just got a new solo comic, and it's a well known technique for comics to build hype for new superhero film releases. Plus, her plot is really interesting - she eventually gets shot in the spine by the Joker, and becomes computer genius Oracle, who has helped out the Suicide Squad in some storylines. This gives so many plot opportunities for future films!
  • Batwoman: at this point Carrie Kelly and Barbara Gordon look more likely than Kate Kane, but by including Batwoman DC would get the one-up on Marvel for the first lesbian superhero on the big screen! Which would be awesome.
Sweet lady kisses for DC?
Sweet lady kisses for DC?

Ignoring Jena Malone's possible appearance, Robin is still potentially a big part of Batman v Superman. With one Robin murdered, training another would be heartwrenching for Bats, but nontheless compelling for us as an audience. But who else could this new Robin be?

The Case For Dick Grayson

Well right now there kind of... isn't one. There was a gravestone spotted in the background of a Batman v Superman set picture that featured a Grayson family member and that's pretty much all the info we've had on his possible appearance. But thematically it might make a lot of sense to switch around Jason Todd and Dick Grayson's chronology as Robins.

Let me break it down. In the Death In The Family comic arc, Jason Todd's Robin is killed (brutally!) by the Joker. He is later resurrected and becomes Red Hood, sometime villain sometime vigilante, all round troublemaker. Thanks to the trailer, we know that a Robin has been killed before Batman v Superman, probably at the hands of the Joker (read more about that theory here).

Ready to swing into action!
Ready to swing into action!

Dick Grayson is one of the most interesting and popular Robins, as he later becomes his own independent hero Nightwing, and even later takes up the mantle of Batman himself. Considering that Ben Affleck's Batman has been at the hero game for many many years by now, might he pass the torch to Dick Grayson before he retires?

Again, this is mostly about story potential. There's plenty of ways this plot could go in the run up to Justice League Part One, but there isn't really anyone rumoured to appear in Batman v Superman who would fit Dick Grayson... that we know of! We can keep our fingers crossed.

So who would you rather see in Batman v Superman: Jena Malone's Carrie Kelly/Barbara Gordon, or Dick Grayson? Or why not both? Let us know in the comments, or write your own post!


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