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One of the greatest things about the Harry Potter series is the characters. Harry was always somebody the reader both pitied and envied, and Dumbledore was every reader's favorite teacher. But if there's one character I loved more than any of them, it is Hermione Granger. She is without a doubt the smartest in her class, despite being discriminated as a Muggle-born. Basically, I'm saying that Hermione is the most relatable character. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this, but I see myself in her because she's different, she's a geek and proud of it, and she values her friends more than anything in the world.

She's A Geek and Proud of It!

If anyone on Moviepilot can relate to one thing about Hermione, it's that she's a geek. It's not just that she feels the need to study as much as she can to pass the test, it's that she really wants to learn about this stuff. If you can't understand that, try and imagine this: someone takes you out of school, and brings you to a college dedicated to learning about your favorite superheroes so you can become one. Yeah, that's what it's like for Hermione in Hogwarts.

She didn't down-play that excitement. She would study every book whenever she had the chance, no matter what people said about her. After all, being a geek is being able to love something and not hide it.

She's An Outsider

Being a Muggle-born is Hermione's unique trait among her friends. Most people were more than willing to accept it, as they were more freaked out by her intelligence than her heritage. But there were a few people (cough cough, Malfoy) who teased and bullied her because of her Muggle parents, calling her a Mudblood.

I can't speak for everyone reading this, but I can say that I've been in that situation. People have called me names and pushed me around because I was a nerd, or because I walked between classes holding a comic book. Hermione taught me that there will always be people like that, and it's our job to not give them the satisfaction of bringing us down.

She Values Friendship The Most

There has always been one constant in Hermione's life, and that was her friends. With the exception of Ron, Hermione's friends never left her side. And vice versa. She's stated herself that it doesn't matter how smart she is, friendship is much more important.

Most of us know that this is true. One of the hardest things a kid can go through is moving away. You have to leave behind your old friends, and suffer weeks in isolation at a new school until you actually find a friend. It's awful and depressing, but things become so much better when you have a friend. You have someone you can talk to, someone you can laugh and play games with, someone you can be yourself around. Hermione understood that better than anybody.

Hermione is and always will be my favorite character of the Harry Potter series. Besides the fact that I can relate to her, she has the biggest heart of the trio. She'll think first and act second. She'll trust her knowledge, but she trusts her instincts more. She's not afraid of what others think of her, and she will never let her friends down. That's why she's the best.


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