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While the world awaits the debut of DC's Extended Universe on the big screen, rumors are pouring out about the future of the massive franchise circling around the upcoming standalone films focused on Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman.

On the latest episode of PopcornTalk, a different Superman-related director claimed to have insider knowledge about who is in line to direct Man of Steel 2, the continuing story of Clark Kent, and if it's true, fans should be excited. When asked about a rumor he'd heard regarding Man of Steel 2, The Death of Superman Lives director Jon Schnepp said (at about 00:55:30):

George Miller, he's doing Man of Steel 2. ... I don't feel weird about breaking it, so yeah -- obviously Zack Snyder is doing Justice League 1 and 2, we've already got James Wan doing 'Aquaman' ... yeah, I think George Miller is a perfect choice for Man of Steel 2.

The amount of confidence that Schnepp has in his reveal is pretty astounding for someone that's part of the industry in most capacities, so while there's no official word on Miller's involvement, this seems like a great indicator.


Would you like to see George Miller helm Man of Steel 2?


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