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In the last 2 months, we have been introduced to a new character in the world of Metropolis known as Doomed. He is actually a young man who lives with his roommates who made a stupid decision and got himself exposed to the Doomsday virus. Now, whenever he gets scared and the tension builds up, he turns into a monster that he can't control. Does any of this sound familiar?? Oh's the Hulk. Well, Lobdell does try and change things around a little in this. Now, I have stated in the first 2 issues that it was not working well. This issue, while still has alot of problems going for it is better then those two issues, but not that great.

Now, this issue still has its problems that plagued it for the first two issues.The first being the characters themselves that are very difficult to get into. This issue, we learned more about Reiser's roommate, who we learned is now a gay young adult who also became the hero Alpha Centurian by accident. Now, of course people will say stereotypes but it happens. Almost all of this comic is stolen from other ideas. Doomed also has his first real conflict this issue with an alien bounty hunter named Miles who is disguised as a 8 year old kid. As always, Lobdell tries to explain everything with extra narration and sometimes it works, usually it doesn't. The comic also has some kid friendly scenes such as the dog scene in this issue.But that's a second problem with this comic series. What exactly is the writer trying to make this comic? Is it a funny spoof of hero books or is it a real comic that will have lasting effects to the overall DC universe in the future. I still can't see this series lasting more then 12 issues, but that's just me. Like I said, this issue was better then the previous 2, but not by much. I give this comic a 5 out of 10.


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