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Hey there.

I recently saw Into the Woods, and even though it was a bit sing songy for my taste, it wasn't a bad movie.

I thought it was interesting how they mixed everything. Although I am still not sure what Fairytale the couple is from, all of the stories were obvious. I do think they could have done more to make Johnny Depp more obviously a wolf.

The characters were wonderfully cast in my humble opinion. But I do think the Cinderella could have been a bit more cinderella-ish, just because it seemed they didn't draw out the story as much as the original.

The Little Red Riding Hood was a bit unrealistic, especially when the girl was telling the man about how she and her grandmother were swallowed whole.

The special effects were done well, including the giants, but I was a bit disappointed when you never got to see their faces. I mean, I know, it was making a point of how incredibly tall they were, but I think It might have been due to funds.

The story line was intricately done, as everything intertwined into one big thing that somehow ended up involving everyone.

For anyone who likes Fantasy and/or musicals, I think you would quite like this film.


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