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In the last three months of this tie-in, we have seen the return of a number of our favorite Spider-man characters in a new light. Now, we may as well get used to these characters because it seems these will be some of the survivors in the new Marvel universe in October in their own series Web Warriors. But, for now they are trapped in a storyline within a storyline about Norman Osborn who is the mayor of this region of Battleworld and their ties to the Web of Life(which was portrayed in the Spider-verse crossover that ended in March).

Mike Costa does a good job this issue taking away from the action to develop the character interactions between the cast of this series. For this issue, it is between Gwen Stacy and a powerless Peter Parker,who holds a number of secrets that readers are interested in. Of course, Costa could have given us all the answers in this issue, but I'm glad that he didn't. But, one complaint does involve the fight with Venom that occurred. Even though Andre Arujo draws one of the best Venoms I have seen in recent years, he also drew a terrible Eddie Brock, who looked like a 12 year old boy. Plus, the notion that Venom, in all his psychotic glory was saying "I want him" as opposed to "We want him" is sad, because it shows that Costa may not have had a full grasp of how that character was in the 80's-90's when he always referred to himself in the plural. The interactions between Peter Porker and Anya were also interesting as they found a way to bond over the notion that they are not like the other Spiders. This issue also finds a way to bring about a circle into the realm of Secret wars, by stating what part of Normans plan actually is. It seems like everyone wants to take down God Doom now. All in all, this did turn out to be a good chapter in the overall set of this series. It was light on the action, which is normal for a penultimate chapter of a set, but still found a way to progress the storyline forward. I give this comic a 7 out of 10, and I am interested in seeing how it all ends next month.


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