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Batman allies have always been a strong point in his mythos, usually because they keep him from going to the dark side and reminding him why he chose to became a superhero in the first place. But unfortunately it seems like in the DCEU Batman's allies have taken a turn for the worse. Zack Snyder has hinted that this incarnation of Batman has lost people not due to old age or something like that but maybe implying that he has lost some of his allies due to his war on crime in Gotham. Let take a look down below on what could have possibly happened to some of his partners in crime. Now realize this is only a speculation article and I'm not sure if these characters will appear in the DCEU or not, but for argument sake let dive into it.

Dick Grayson / Nightwing

Batman first boy wonder Dick Grayson who would later become know as Nightwing is speculated to be in the DCEU. But his role might not be what you expect it to be. Rumors are suggesting that Dick Grayson is dead and was killed by Joker instead of Jason Todd who was killed by Joker in the comic books and is his suit that we saw in the recent trailer for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. The rumors really started to heat up when we saw a grave with Dick Grayson name on it. Here the picture.

Richard John Grayson is Dick's full birth name and the grave suggests that he is dead. But i have a theory on what really happened to him.

Theory: Dick Grayson is undercover in the Suicide Squad.

I believe that actor Scott Eastwood is playing none other than Dick Grayson. The reason i say this is because they have kept his role hush-hush and under tight wraps. Rumors have suggested that he is playing Slade Wilson before he turns into Deathstroke but isn't Deathstroke older than Batman? Here where my theory starts off, in the comics Dick Grayson is exposed as Nightwing by the world. So what happens is he fakes his death and becomes known under a new alias, Agent 37. So what if Batman told Dick to go undercover and investigate this new organization that is being bought together and see what it all about. Sounds good right? It would explain the grave we see with his name on it as most likely Bruce would insist Dick to stay dead in the world and would add a really surprising twist in Suicide Squad.

Jason Todd / Former Robin

Now fans do speculate that the robin suit that we saw in the trailer does belong to Jason Todd as he has been killed by the Joker because we see writing on the suit that possibly belong to the joker and it looks pretty bad. But fans have a new theory on what has become of our beloved Jason Todd.

New fan theories are speculating that Jason Todd has taken up the role as the new Joker and that it is him in the upcoming movie Suicide Squad. Now this theory has blown up all over the internet and the reception is pretty mixed. Some believe while some don't, personally i think it a load of crap and would see no reason why to make Jason Todd Joker in the DCEU. But hopefully my theory on what has really happened to Jason ends up coming true in the DCEU.

Theory: Jason Todd is the Red Hood.

Hopefully this is the outcome that plays out and that Jason is alive and has become the forceful vigilante known as Red Hood. I think he was the one that sent that letter to Bruce that reads 'YOU LET YOUR FAMILY DIE'. If that letter was sent by Jason, a Under the Hood storyline could be shaping up in the future solo Batman movie coming around possibly in 2018. Fans want this film to happen for so many reasons and the emotional connection between Bruce and Jason is one of them. Cheers to Jason becoming the Red Hood and not some stupid Joker knockoff.

Commissioner Gordon

There were some rumors a little while ago that Commissioner Gordon is dead in this universe. Now since those rumors we haven't heard alot about Gordon. Gordon is an integral part in the Batman mythos, he is one of the few honest good cops in Gotham and has a key relationship with Batman. And if you didn't know he the father of Barbara aka Batgirl.

Theory: Sorry to say but i do believe that Gordon is dead in this universe. My gut is telling me that unfortunately due to Batman war on crime he was a casualty and one of the reasons why Batman has retired. Now i know he could be retired just like in 'The Dark Knight Returns', but Snyder's comments on Batman losses just tell me good ole' Jim bit the death bug. I do hope I'm wrong though, Gordon one of my favorite characters in the Batman mythos.

Barbara Gordon

Jena Malone is a character in Batman vs Superman that we just don't know yet. Rumors suggest that she either Carrie Kelly(Robin) or Barbara Gordon. Now Jena Malone has avoided questions about this but i do remember a news scoop that reported that she was officially Barbara Gordon. Now whether this is true remains to be seen but my bet is on Malone being Gordon simply because of her age. Now aside from that, if Barbara is in Batman v. Superman what would her role be and her alias. She is either known as Batgirl or Oracle. Oracle being she in a wheelchair now because Joker shot her in the spine and now assists Batman by giving him intel on missions and such. Now which one do i think she will be? Tough question.

Theory: Barbara Gordon will appear in Batman v. Superman but not as Batgirl but Oracle. I firmly believe that in this universe Joker has shot Gordon and paralyzed her in the waist down. Like i say before, Snyder's comments about Batman losses to people he was close too makes me think almost all of his allies have paid the ultimate price for there assistance with Batman on his war on crime. Seeing as how this Batman is grizzled and alot older, he could probably use the help from Barbara and her tech-savvy ways.

Future Robins

Will we see Batman have another Robin in The DCEU?
Will we see Batman have another Robin in The DCEU?

Could Batman think about having another Robin in the DCEU. After Dick and Jason it Tim or they could possibly skip Tim and have Damian?

Theory: If this Batman lost alot during his tenure I don't think he will consider having another robin assist him. But if so happens he does then i would strongly consider Tim Drake seeing as how at one point in the comic books Tim bought Batman out of the dark side when he was still grieving over the death of former robin Jason Todd. But then again maybe Batman should cool it with the sidekicks.

What do you guys think? Do you think what i'm saying is complete nonsense or could i be on to something? If you have any thoughts make sure to comment down below and if you enjoyed my article make sure to share it and follow my page for more content.


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