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The official announcement for Attack on Titan's upcoming Playstation 4 exclusive, which has no title as of yet, seems like it was just yesterday. With the game almost "50 percent complete" according to Tecmo Koei president Hisashi Koinuma and director Tomoyuki Kitamura, the studio released four screenshots from the upcoming title to show off the dynamic cell shading that the studio championed in its Dynasty Warriors: Gundam games, and uses the same battle engines as the classic game series did as well.

Check out the four new images below:

They also discussed the game's capabilities, as Kitamura explained how the show's famous 3D Maneuvering Gear us used in-game:

The part that we ought to focus more on is about ‘how to make it feel good while flying around using the 3D Maneuver Gear?’ and we’ve redone this system numerous times.
“Players that are used to playing games, will get a feeling like they’re Captain Levi right from the start. There are high risks if you try to immediately go for the back of a Titan’s neck, so it’ll be an effective tactic to start out by destroying its limbs."
Although, I don’t think it’d be impossible to have those who are used to action games be able to take them out in one blow.

While there's no specific release date out for the Playstation 4 exclusive just yet, fans can expect it sometime during 2016.


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