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this is my first article, and its gonna be short, i just wanted to share my thoughts about ant-man. What i think is, that ant-man would die right after he shrinks. Let's forget that he couldn't breath in subatomic size and move on to ant-size

1. His blood would become solid - when molecules in liquid get under high pressure the substance becomes solid as you sure know, so his blood couldn't circulate in his body, his brain would have no oxygen and boom, ant man is dead

2. He would be much weaker - when he shrinks, the air will be much harder to inhale for him, that could cause less oxygen in his body, so his muscles would be much weaker

3. Antony would have no chance to lift him - we all know that antman weights same when he shrinks, so he still weights around 80 kg/160 pounds so there is no chance for antonz to lift him. Yes i know, ants can lift more than their weight but there is still no chance...

I just want to say - yes not all these would cause death but at these are reasons why antman would...not work you know, and sorry for my english, i dont live in english speaking country...


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