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8% on Rotten Tomatoes is SO WRONG. Another reason I rarely put much stock into the Tomatometer. (Ps mild spoilers ahead)

Yes, this film is clearly butchered and it's a real shame because it has so much going for it. I kept watching thinking to myself, "so when exactly does this turn terrible?"-- and it isn't until they go back to the Negative Zone with Doom (I mean, Planet Zero) that the movie really starts to show where it has been cut up like a Beverly Hills Housewife.

For someone who knows little about about the Fantastic Four comics, I think this movie is largely dare I say it... GOOD! For what it is, that is, which is a visibly tortured script without a second or third act fleshed out, and a villain that had hardly any screen time. Sad.

It's got a pretty great first act but it just builds to such a rushed ending that it makes the film feel more like an extended series episode than a movie.

People are upset with how Dr. Doom was handled, but I thought the design of him looks pretty cool, and all his lines as Doom seem in line with his character. Although they go with the Ultimate Universe where he has powers, and I know that people are dying to see Doom portrayed instead as an evil Batman type approach, you can't deny his level of power is still pretty impressive- and good for the studio for at least allowing him to be portrayed with a Dr. Manhattan level of power. The willingness to show multitudes of head explosions that Marvel hasn't dared let be seen quite before lest it become a film for anyone but kids, is a good move towards having a more varied kind of genre film that caters to the gritty side of the super powered movie.

37 minutes cut out of Fantastic Four. I don't know what the true backstory is for what happened upon the making of this, but clearly there suffered huge problems in how to handle it, and this is an issue that happens far too often.

That could be 1/4 of the movie taken out which could have filled in the pacing and layout of the story and its characters and their relationships to each other. Could it have really been that superfluous to edit out of the final cut? And will we ever get to see that footage? Who knows. I am certainly aching to though.

The acting is well done, the dialogue and emotions are realistic, the seeds of the relationships are somewhat present, it is cinematically shot, the special effects are up to snuff, and what actual footage is there is well edited- so is a too rushed ending, a lack of Victor's background information and some artistic liberties in appearances really worth such a ridiculously low score?

The online mockery of this movie is unfounded and simply untrue- it is certainly not the worst comic book movie ever made. I would give it at least a 50%, at least. I thought it was pretty intense at times, and entertaining as a whole- that all counts for a lot more than 8% in my book. It was just disappointing to be searching for its flaws the entire time and then seeing where it goes wrong. I really do wish the additional footage will be released when it comes out on DVD. I am quite curious to see what was excluded, and how it would affect the quality of the theatrical cut. I would give it a 6.5/10

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