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Greetings one and all, I don't often write Superhero articles anymore but I thought this idea was just calling for a post, so here it is.

What the Fantastic Four Sequel should really be.

Ever since the casting and the announcement of Trank's Fantastic Four reboot came around there had been a lot of controversy, especially on the casting; calling the new cast the 'Fantastic Four Babies'. This was due to Miles Teller as Mr Fantastic, Michael B. Jordan (both aged 28) as the Human Torch, Kate Mara (aged 32) as the Invisible Woman and Jamie Bell (aged 26) as the The Thing being rather young in comparison to their source material counterparts.

A long time went on and I personally believe a lot of the hate for the movie had passed and it was really the time to get excited for something we all wanted to be Fantastic. Although, there was still controversy with Dr Doom origins and the behind the scenes look of the 'trash can' costume didn't help sway audiences, in fact it almost made it worse. The image spread like wild fire, it even got all the way here!

Garbage (pun intended).
Garbage (pun intended).

Then just weeks prior to the films debut in screens worldwide, that's when the doubt of a good Fantastic Four movie came about. 20th Century Fox decided to hide the movie from critics and had an embargo on the film up until about 12 hours before the film released and if you have seen the film, you may understand why.

Josh Trank's new take on Fantastic Four was released to the world and it was panned by critics everywhere, first day in and it had already decreased to less than 20% (Currently on 8%) on Rotten Tomatoes with the general consensus of;

Dull and downbeat, this Fantastic Four proves a woefully misguided attempt to translate a classic comic series without the humor, joy, or colorful thrills that made it great.

It was a sad day for comic book movies all around, especially with the films poor box office opening of $25,685,737 domestically (US) and is currently at a sum of $105,196,933 worldwide on a reported $120 million budget.

With a not so fantastic four entries and with the odds of seeing a sequel standalone movie from Fox seeming very unlikely it was disappointing to think that we were going to have to bare another reboot again. But that's where I got thinking, that's where I thought "Hey, there is a future for the series, X-Men rised above their downfall and I am sure Fantastic Four can do the same!". Below are my own brain storms, as you can see there is an excessive amount of intelligent and influential detail. *sarcasm*

Okay so what I mean by that is that we need to move on from the current Fantastic Four with more or less a reboot, like how the X-Men universe dealt with their wrong turns (*cough X-Men Origins cough*) with X-Men Days of Future Past. So my idea is that the Fantastic Four sequel that is set to be released (as of today 21/08/15) June 9th 2017, should have a whole new cast but the same history, no I do not mean how Mark Ruffalo replaced Edward Norton, I'm talking about the sequel to be set 10-15 years into the future, leaving behind the world that we left as the credits rolled and never looking back!

The Fantastic Four can be played by completely different actors and it would still work in terms of continuity, having older actors play our beloved but never justified characters could give Fox one last chance of redeeming the franchises and washing the salty taste that has been in our mouths since 2005.

This means we wouldn't have to have another reboot that I am sure most of us are sick of right about now, we know how they acquired their powers and we do not need to see it for a third time by 20th Century Fox or even anyone for that matter.

With the odds of Trank leaving Fox being quite high, bringing in a new director could make it seem a completely different movie to make sure that it really stands apart from the bad publicity of the most recent Fantastic Four movie. This allows a fresh start but also keeping the story going and saving time in the process.

But the next and most obvious question would be, who would play these characters, who could give us even more confidence in the idea of a GOOD Fantastic Four spectacle? My best casting (as of now) would be

Tom Cavanagh as Mr Fantastic / Reed Richards

Miles away.
Miles away.

Doesn't he just look like an older Miles Teller? I think he'd be perfect for the continuation of the franchise, I mean we're already used to him talking all 'Scieny' in The Flash (2014). Tom is great actor and would be a great fit for the franchise and really fits the look and persona of the 'nerd' that we love so much about Reed.

Kim Dickens as The Invisible Woman / Sue Storm

the woman on the right, don't worry
the woman on the right, don't worry

If you recognize Kim, it's because her new TV show 'Fear the Walking Dead' is about to debut August 23rd for any of you walker fans out there. I believe Kim looks the part and definitely has the acting ability, along being able to pull off that sweet but dangerous persona that Sue Storm has. I think it was shown effectively in Gone Girl (2014) and in the new trailers for her new show that I mentioned previously.

Michael Ealy as the Human Torch / Johnny Storm

JUST IMAGINE MICHAEL. B JORDAN IN THIS VERY OUTFIT AND PULLING THIS EXACT SAME FACE. It totally works! Nominated for a Golden Globe and his performance in 2012's 'Unconditional' proved that for me, a truly moving film. I think Ealy would be a great fit to take over the mantle of the Johnny Storm.

Jamie Bell as The Thing / Ben Grimm

Deja Vu?
Deja Vu?

Look, I know it seems weird that Jamie would be the only actor that would be kept but I have to say, he nailed it as The Thing, the voice was great and there is no real need to change the actor as it's not Jamie we're seeing, it's CGI and the appearance can be altered with or without an actor. I just still believe he is a right fit and it would be great for him to carry on with the series.

And that is my idea for the sequel and how Fantastic Four can be saved, straying away from the original by changing everything but still have the continuation of that F4 universe.

I hope you enjoyed the article, it was a quick one, right before my birthday!

Have an awesome day.


What do you make of this idea?


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