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The Universal Pictures film opened on Friday, August 17th, and after a hugely successful weekend, managed to rake in a whopping $56.1 million in it’s opening weekend. This makes Straight Outta Compton the biggest August opening in history for an R-rated film which is a pretty huge deal considering the past title-holder was for American Pie 2 in 2001.

The general consensus of both the general public and movie professionals seems to be that the movie was incredible. With an 88% critic score and 95% user score on Rotten Tomatoes people are calling the film, “compelling,” “authentic,” “timely,” and ,”brilliant.”

Aside from creating a flawless movie, how did they do it? How did they manage to have such a successful opening weekend?

Their marketing.

Whichever low level marketing associate came up with this campaign is definitely getting a promotion and a raise. The most effective piece of the campaign being the “Straight Outta Somewhere” meme covering social media platforms. The fun meme allowed users to put their own picture and city in lieu of the original poster.

Even celebrities were having a blast using it.

To top it off, the day before the release in theaters there was a Straight Outta Compton geofilter on Snapchat for users to pose with.

North Kingdom, the agency responsible for building the meme generator, definitely covered all of their bases.

A huge part of the campaign though, was their remarkable trailer:

Now if that didn’t make you want to go see the film in theaters, I don’t know what will.

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