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After watching the trailer and seeing the artwork I went in expecting a certain 'Stoner' type of movie, but that's not what this movie is. Writen by Max Landis who has written the screenplay for the upcoming Victor Frankenstein and directed by Nima Nourizadeh it felt to me a little like a bait and switch. That being said there are some 'Stoner' elements to the movie just not a large part of it. I really like the style of film that starts at the end and flashes back to the beginning and that's how American Ultra opens. Mike played by Jesse Eisenberg is in an interrogation room bloodied and bruised and a detective walks in and asks him to explain what happened. That's when we are sent back to the beginning. Mike narrates us through his life with his girlfriend Phoebe played by Kristen Stewart and the seemingly perfect life they have. The only problem that plagues them is Mike has severe panic attacks whenever he tries to leave the quiet little town in Vermont. We go through a little bit of his mundane life including his job, which by the way never has any customers until CIA Agent Lassiter played by Connie Britton arrives to activate Mike to save his life. Mike has been targeted for termination by the extremely obvious 'Bad Guy' of the movie CIA Agent Yates played by Topher Grace. Yates has his own special forces unit he has created of mostly deranged and mentally ill criminals that he dispatches to kill Mike. Here is where the action comes in and a lot of graphic and bloody fighting and Mike terminates them like a machine. There are times when this Movie sets up a laugh right after a truly horrific event and I'm not sure if I'm suppose to laugh or cringe. Overall this movie was entertaining and fun to watch in the theater. I would recommend that you leave your expectations at the door and then you will not be too disappointed. Ultra opens in theaters nationwide August 21st.


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