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Perhaps the time traveling, life altering effects of The Flash have proved inspiring, as Captain Cold and Heatwave are set to return to Prison Break!
...Or perhaps, Michael Scofield had a plan after all.

I have never cried over a television show so much before.

If you haven't caught up with Grey's Anatomy or Game of Thrones, then 1. Why not? 2. Read at your own risk.

Killing Derek Shepherd, the mourning of Jon Snow (I mean, angry tears of denial), and of course; where it all began, Bambi, did not even begin to compare. Prison Break was the epitome of an emotional binge watching session - so much so, that it took me months to watch The Final Break.

When I was younger, Prison Break was the subject of promotional hype; triggering enough intrigue to have the opening credits sequence burned into my memory 10 years later, when it appeared on my Netflix feed.

In typical binge watching style, the 5 stages of grief hit me hard; to the point in which my sister - having never watched the show -was on the receiving end of my rant, after the death of Michael Scofield.

So many tears. Much feeling.
So many tears. Much feeling.

Upon the news of show returning for a 10 episode event, I remember the feelings that one could compare to one direction fans mourning Zayn’s exit. But hey, it seems the bargaining stage of grief has proved fruitful.

At first, my thoughts were linked to how the writers could possibly make the fake death of Michael both justified and redemptive, for his character to return in martyrish fashion.

Though the thought of the show returning 11 fictional years after the death of Michael is a tad unsettling, details of the shows return emerged that set my theory making brain alight.

Though the confirmation that some time will have passed since the finale,

“the fact that Miller’s Michael perished in 2009’s Prison Break: The Final Break, ...would be “ignored,” while Walden explained, “What [Paul] pitched to us was a very logical and believable — in the world of Prison Break — explanation for why our characters are alive and still moving around the world.”

So, whilst Michael may not have perished inside a prison, his character may not have been living it up with Sara and his son.

Ignoring then, the instances of the Final Break; though it does ultimately leave some hints towards Prison Break’s writing style, Prison Break’s Series Finale does lend itself to some theories as to Michael's whereabouts.

In the series finale, Sara and Lincoln are living a life seemingly outside of the United States despite their pardons; though like the Final Break - should we not be wholly ignoring THAT - it may be a preventative measure to protect Sara from facing murder charges of Michael’s mother (who worked for the ominous ‘company’). Michael, having suffered another nose bleed during his embracement of fatherhood, is presumed to have died when Sara, Lincoln, Sucre, Mahone and Michael jr, go and see ‘Daddy’; or in heart wrenching fashion, his tombstone.

In death-faking fashion, and with news of the shows return, I’m going to bypass the soul-carrying symbolism of origami swans and think like Michael Scofield.

In Scofield fashion, Lincoln’s placement of the swan upon Michael’s tombstone seems more typical of prison note-passing; set within the context of a ‘faked-my-death-incarceration’, to send coded messages to one another in a situation yet to be revealed.

Taking note from the Final break, and quoting the mastermind himself “we speak in code and send little messages, origami”.

From "The Final Break"
From "The Final Break"

When I first read of the show’s return, and that Michael’s death via ironic electrocution would be ignored, I thought “that’s right, you know what you did” as the unfairness of it all hit me again. It is only with a refresher of the show; for journalistic purposes, that my overactive brain thinks the Prison Break writers left itself some doors open in hopes of the shows return.

Thankful for the world of Digital Streaming, Prison Break is revived once more. Wentworth Miller talks of the show’s unwavering presence in a Q&A “I showed up expecting the crowd to be interested in what I’m up to — my writing, various things that are present tense. But the only thing they wanted to talk about was Prison Break. And everyone in the room was 17, 18 years old, so they were just coming to it. For them, the show is present tense. And that hammered home for me that, because of technology and social media, this stuff has a second life”.

To be answered when the show returns:
Will Michael still perish from his genetic disease? although his mother didn’t.
Will we return to Fox River? and see T-Bag?
Fox CEO Dana Walden talks about the importance of addressing a new audience in the Show’s return, so will we redeem Michael as a Martyr, and have to salvage Michael/Sara anew?
Will Lincoln struggle with his criminal roots?
Will this event series re-establish a premise that wavered from season 3 onwards?
If we beg hard enough, will inside jokes be made to suggest Lincoln and Michael have been living lives as Captain Cold and Heatwave?

No seriously, if 2016 is too far away, I suggest you watch The Flash to see these brothers together once more.

Linc: “This is the most out-there plan you’ve had Michael...skip the origami and go straight for the cold gun”.

Here are my theories as to how this event season could go:

A) Paul Kellerman; now a congressman, is in need of the Brothers’ help and bargains with the knowledge of Michael’s whereabouts - should Lincoln not know, and the placement of an Origami Swan simply be a tribute of Michael’s eternal sacrifice.

B) Paul needing help, alternatively, forces Michael out of coded hiding in which, for the sake of his marriage to Sara, is for the sake of the US government only.

Michael, has been imprisoned willingly; avoiding his own escape in exchange for Sara’s safety. The In-Prison family brand still on her shoulder in the finale, the idea of Sara still having being imprisoned is not impossible. Gotta keep those government officials happy.

C1) Paul Kellerman could have thus ascended to a position of power to free Michael as the ghost of Daniel Hale; whose wife spat upon him in the finale, could be catching up to him. From Season 4, we know that prison breaks aren't the only thing Michael has become adept at.

D) Michael’s illness and Brain tumor activity was cured somehow - perhaps by electrocution - but required his absence from Sara. Hey, if Alias got away with human DNA splicing and Immortality this event can withstand this. Walden has cleverly stated that only the fact Michael perished would be ignored. Events of the Final Break may still have happened in some regard.

E) Alternatively, If our characters are set to be 11 years older (from Michael’s death) it might fault the storyline to keep the characters in suburban island living, in which Michael is cause enough to drag Sara from the closure of his death; out of extradition free bliss, Lincoln from grandpa status, into the world of drama once more. It doesn’t quite fit Michael’s nature. So perhaps ignorance is bliss...and better for condensing answers and a new plot line into 10 episodes.

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JSYK I'm all for a Barry Allen Cameo too.
JSYK I'm all for a Barry Allen Cameo too.


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