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This past season, Gotham geared up for its villain-centric second season by introducing a handful of new villains to its cast. Some have been named DC villains from the start, like Jada Pinkett-Smith's Fish Mooney, while others have been covers for other villains, like Jerome almost certainly becoming Joker next season.

A villain that may very well be falling under that latter category is James Frain's Theo Galavan, who will be arriving in Gotham as a billionaire industrialist with a "centuries-old vendetta," according to Deadline.

But in speaking with TV Guide, executive producer Danny Cannon indicated that Galavan's connections to the DC universe runs much more deeply than that, and, in fact, they will be the origins of "a very famous DC villain" and he will arrive in Gotham like a wolf in sheep's clothing:

Theo Galavan arrives in Gotham as a prodigal son returning. He comes from a very wealthy family with ancient roots in the building and foundation of Gotham. It takes a while for us to understand why he came back to Gotham and what his plan is, but it's an insidious one, obviously. He's a little bit like the Great Gatsby and Dracula coming to town with money and influence and charm and trying to bend to Gotham to serve him.

And Cannon went on to suggest that it would be Galavan, in fact, who unites the villains of Gotham and spearheads their rise to power:

This season is about how one man will unleash and empower the villains and make them understand that they are more powerful than the people fighting against them. They are the pioneers for Gotham. They are the ones who will change things because with chaos and destruction is the only way you can build. You can't rebuild a city without first destroying it.

With all these hints that Galavan will be that "one man" and also a famous DC villain, fans are speculating which villain that may be. The information we have suggests that he might actually be supervillain Ra's Al Ghul - all the pieces fit.

But what do you think? Is Theo Galavan really the origin of Ra's Al Ghul? Or another villain entirely? And if so, who?

Season two of Gotham premieres September 21 on Fox.


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