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Wait, what? Sheila?


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This episode brings with it the end of the skirmish between the two teams that started four episodes, our first look at combat between Red and Blue. And the verdict? As of right now, everyone's pretty awful at being a soldier. Bad offensive and defensive strategy from both teams, bad adaptability to changing situations and bad performance under stress. The Blood Gulch crew may get sub par grades when it comes to tactics (I think I've used the word 'bad' enough times for one article), but when it comes to entertainment the fun just never stops. And not to worry, readers and viewers alike: although the battle is done, the war is far from over.

Talk about a close call
Talk about a close call

Both teams have suffered some losses during this episode, especially the Blues. While Red Team may have had extensive damage done to their jeep, as well as the absolute bejeezus scared out of them, Blue Team had to suffer the destruction of their new tank (and Caboose's new friend Sheila) and team leader Church. Looking at this, it can be said that this battle's victory goes to Red Team.

Favorite Dialogue from the Episode:

Caboose trying to get out of the tank

Caboose: I can't figure out how to get this thing open!

Sheila: Night vision engaged


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