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Teen Wolf Season 5B starts filming this monday.

Lies have been told the last month about Teen Wolf already filming 5B for a month. The only true thing seems to be Jackson returning.

Colton Haynes is filming a movie, or already filmed 35% of it, now he has a break. So he was on a photoshoot for Adidas. Screenshots that u might find somewhere that been taken of the Teen Wolf page, were it said "If Colton Haynes wants to return, he can comeback as Jackson Whittemore. We have 2 Stories. 1 Without Jackson in it and 1 With Jackson in it." On the Teen Wolf wikia, what might still be on. It said "Jackson Whittemore returns to Beacon Hills this fall". On the IMDB page, it was first "Rumored" that Jackson returns from Episode 12 to 20. But after already 6 Hours it was deleted. After that his return was "Credit Only" on Episode 10. That was deleted too. But then something that people can't just Edit is the Trivia of a page were it says "Jackson will be in Teen Wolf Season 5B to reprise his role as Jackson".

Jackson who said in an Interview that he would return but not as a complete jerk who would only want to be an Omega. He would still want to be the person that has the "I don't care" vibe. But he would also like to say "I want to help u" or "I Love You".

But isn't an Alpha stronger with a pack? What if Scott somehow wins his powers back in Episode 12, were at the end Jackson returns. Scott who wants his pack back. Also maybe Scott doesn't even lose his powers. But what if Jackson tells Scott to help him if he can be in the pack. Scott hasn't a lot of time but he knows he can trust Jackson in some way. Maybe Ethan who didn't die, wants to be killed off. Who can also return in Episode 14 or 15. With Derek (Tyler Hoechlin who will be done shooting in October till January, or something). Who can be back for Episode 16 or 17. If it's 16. And Ethan 15. That would be Badass with Deucalion who became a favorite on Teen Wolf for a lot of people to return in 16 too, to help Scott. And Stiles who Scott forgives for killing Donovan or just finds out the truth. That would be Badass. Because maybe then Parrish can control his powers. Scott as the Alpha, Deucalion as the second 1 for just a time, Colton, Derek and Ethan as the Betas. Parrish as the whatever he is. Stiles as the smart 1 and maybe even Peter, like how he was in Season 3A. That pack would be BadAss and really make Scott strong. Deucalion leaves at the end, 1 person u don't have to give more screen time on Season 6. Ethan who told he woulod want to return just wan more time (Charlie Carver). So he will be killed off. Derek who won't be a regular, but always had his Screen time, so yeah. Peter who won't be a regular, or dies, or just goes away, or becomes the villain 2, not the villain number 1 in Season 6. Jackson would be back, so i guess that can really work out. Just give the shows 2 Minutes more. At the end it would be 20 Minutes, and it wold work out fine. Less boring minutes to wast too. And more Sarcasm of Stiles.

I didn't invent it all. The most was written by a writer of Teen Wolf, who wrote a lot of season 3.

So if u like it thank you. If u don't like it. Write your post about it. Or tell me in the comments.

Also Don't Forget After the last Season, what might be 6, 7 or 8, Or even 9 or 10. But they want to do a Movie after the last Season. Called "Wolf", "Beacon Hills" or "Wolf Pack". That were the Movie names ideas of Jeff Davis and Tyler Posey.


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