ByMichele Teets, writer at

If you take a look at the 2005 version, it was very spacey, it stuck to the script, but it also focused on each and every character in depth. The same thing goes for the sequel, Rise of the Silver Surfer. I personally didn't like that one as much as the other because everybody was so negative and cinical. The first one from 2005 had a great storyline and had a mixture of special effects, super hero action, and the opportunity to get to know all the characters. It shaped their personalities and showed what their true passions were. This new stuff doesn't do that. Movies are all violence. Some here and there is fine, but nothing but breathless run-here-do-this-that-and-fight gets tiresome after a while. Especially if a film is directed by Michael Bay. Look at the new Ninja Turtles, it wasn't the same. All TV series and older movies of them showed true character, interaction, and personality. The new one was nothing but non- stop beat-the-guy-up. No interaction except for at the end where Raphael apologized to his brothers for being a meathead, that was as deep as it got. So I definitely think the fantastic four should've had a third installment, not a reboot.


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