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A brand new vampire story is here and we're looking for funds to produce it into a film!

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What do you think? Are you creeped out yet?

Horror screenwriter, actor and musician Pablo C. Vergara Aka. 'Morbid' has written several new horror stories during these years and amongst them we have The Darkest of Fears ©, a brand new vampire story that has been causing quite a Buzz and have lots people turning their heads lately. Writing this story took him around 10 years to complete. Why so damn long?! Here's what he had to say:

'The story took this long because to me, my favorite horror genre is the vampire one... That being said I spent a considerable amount of time researching the subject, I watched virtually every vampire movie that there's out there, read as many books as I could get my hands on, including some really underground ones and perhaps even secret ones and I went to listen to vampiric bands and played as many video games in that genre as well, you name it... I am very passionate about anything vampire and I believe I made a really solid and legit story here, with a lot of integrity to the vampire genre.'

In his own words he claims this story to be a crossover between Se7en and Underworld.

'In this story a couple of detectives start investigating a series of grisly crimes that have stricken the city nights... As their investigation unfolds they realize that they might be dealing with something more than just a simple killer... As the story evolves they discover that they are not alone and that there's an underworld where demons and an Anti-Vampire Organization rule the night in an ongoing war where the forces of good and evil have clashed in countless battles throughout millennia... As they submerge themselves in this dark world they will have to make decisions of what their involvement in this war will be about... Betrayals, alliances and murders will set the course of a bloody war that will determine the fate of mankind... But there's also a very dark secret project that the vampires have been working on, a pawn in this war that might mean the end of humanity as we know it... It is a very unique take on what the vampire world should be like, there's also some real interesting interactions between vampires and humans where some of them will become allies to the mortals in order to save mankind... Something I haven't seen too much vampiric stories out there. I think this is a very unique piece of work in the vampire genre... There's a lot of action, mystery, sex and blood on this one!'
Malthus is the main Vampire character in this story
Malthus is the main Vampire character in this story

Morbid has started with the pre-production of the film, where several storyboards, concept art and the full score have been created. He has released a new Crowdfunding campaign that along with other methods for funding are intended to be able to let this story continue moving forward and into Production stages,

'... Costs for making a film are monumental and my resources have been depleted and now I am turning to all the horror film fans in order to be able to raise funds to continue with my work, I have a great team of artists and first thing I will do with the money raised would be to continue creating more amazing concept art and character design, amongst many other pre-production tasks.'
Concept art for the film depicting memorable scenes
Concept art for the film depicting memorable scenes

Want to support!? Check out our crowdfunding video:


Morbid believes that this movie will be able to be produced with the help of all the horror film lovers.

'Today's movie industry is a very tough nut to crack, there is a lot of competition and there are so many different variables that dictate who will be able to make it or not into the big screen, as a screenwriter I've learned that the power many times resides in the numbers... If this story is able to create a conscience and 'Buzz' amongst the horror enthusiasts and if they were to back it up, the film would have a bigger chance to be picked by horror studios to be produced and filmed! I also have several good connections in the horror movie circuit and I am just waiting for the snowball to start rolling to start making phone calls... So it's extremely crucial and important that everyone helps this movie not only by donating but also by sharing the hell out of the links! Together we can make it happen... Just as Morrison once said - They got the guns but we got the numbers.''

And well, according to Malthus, there will be some consequences if you don't do so...

We better do as he says... Yikes!
We better do as he says... Yikes!

Apparently Morbid's plan is to unleash this little monster into our realm, he believes that with your support the project will be able to be eventually produced into a film and bring to us a new school of disturbing horror cinema...

'My plan and biggest dream is to become a household name in the modern Horror Cinema world, just as many of my idols and inspirations such as Stephen King, Rob Zombie, Guillermo del Toro, Lucio Fulci, George A. Romero.. etc!'
Morbid, horror screenwriter and musician.
Morbid, horror screenwriter and musician.

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