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This is a reply to Aayush Gupta.

1: Especially after the third Jurassic Park movie, Jurassic Park III, there was this noticeable emptiness in everyone's hearts. Sure, the second and third movies were not as good, but they weren't bad movies. Deep down, everyone enjoyed them at least a little bit.

2: The creators of the movie could have elaborated on the story of the islands more. Having more and more people come in, as more people died. This was never intended to be a kiddy show, and would be but in the same category as South Park.

3: As the movies have, it could have easily been a show that was still going on now.

4: Even if it even wasn't that great of a show, it would be a huge success. Every one would have crowded around the TV for every episode.

5: It would have been directed, or at least semi-directed, by Steven Spielberg! That is kind of a big deal. He's kind of an important part of Pop Culture.

6: They can't do it now. Kids nowadays would speak trash about it. Young adults are no longer about movies becoming TV shows, but TV shows becoming movies.

7: Adult Swim animated shows were all the craze in the 90's. South Park, Family Guy, etc.

8: It would just be awesome in general, and I would probably live for the reruns.

9: Everyone would enjoy it. Including adults.


So, yeah, there we go. There are 10 reasons why Jurassic Park would have made a great TV show.


Did you think my reasons were true?


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